QuarkXPress 2020 Known and Resolved Issues 

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.1)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2020 (v16.3.1).

  • RESOLVED:  Transparent areas of the images are outputting as corrupted for some PDFs (108298, since v2016).

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only) Unable to create PDF alert get displayed on outputting a project having Helvetica Narrow font (133287,since v2019 15.0.1).

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only) Very hard to make out the active layout tab In Gray and light Gray color theme/mode (141466,since v2016).

  • RESOLVED: Incorrect font leading behavior with True Type fonts (148316,since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Some specific Jpeg images are importing and outputting as corrupted (160428, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Font information for Tagged text is not interpreted correctly and incorrect font gets applied on the text (171190, since v2018).

  • RESOLVED: Lines drawn at page edges gets truncated on outputting (170278, since v2018).

  • RESOLVED: Fonts are not sorted alphabetically in the font menu of Read From Font in Edit Grid Styles dialog and font menu of Font Name in Text Character > Edit Rule dialog (185935, since v2020).

  • RESOLVED: Imported PDF line/border thickness gets outputted wrongly on outing in Flatten Transparency path (173469,since v9x).

  • RESOLVED: "..positioned off the pasteboard" alert is showing on Duplicating Project with Anchored Table with Combined Cells(177814, since v2018).

  • RESOLVED: Footnote does not appear on correct page in some scenarios (178450, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Text before underscore in style sheet name is replaced with layout name on duplicating layout with Adaptive Scaling and Duplicate Style sheets options (179198,since v2015).

  • RESOLVED: InDesign Batch Converter UI size is not adjusted as per screen resolution (179140, since v2019).

  • RESOLVED: Fill color gets overlapped by white color in output for box having fill color and multiple borders (179859, since v2019 15.2).

  • RESOLVED: Images placed on unused Master pages also collected in HTML5 Output(181136, since v2015).

  • RESOLVED: Image imported in External CZ is not updating on layout and shown as  checker box (174839, since 2020 16.1).

  • RESOLVED: Crash while updating the missing chapters for some specific Books(182849, since v2020).

  • RESOLVED: Crash on launch in case if user does not have write permissions of the “QuarkXPress 2020” / QLog.cfg file(182391, since v2017).

  • RESOLVED: Images placed in scroll zone layouts are not showing on layout without switching focus to scroll zone layout(119535,since V 2019 15.1).

  • RESOLVED: (macOS Big Sur onlyFile name extension appends twice at the end of file name on doing specific actions like Save as, Save A Copy As, Export as PDF, Export as EPS etc  (162763, since v2020).

  • RESOLVED: Text calcing issue on pressing Forward delete key or backspace key in some projects if there is a runaround item (185337, since V 2018).

  • RESOLVED: Word ‘Mississipi’ is not flagged as suspect word in US English text language (184813, since v9).

  • RESOLVED: (macOS Big Sur onlyUnable to edit the text field in conditional style if a previous or subsequent rule doesn't have a text field on Edit Conditional Styles (175385, since v2020).