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Flex Layouts
Web Design Methodology
A common design pattern that is mostly followed by web designers, is to divide the web page into different sections/components. The need to divide a page into various sections is not only to ease the process of designing, but also to curate a better and effective experience for the users, and to bring out overall effectiveness of the page.
As an example, a good landing page highlighting a particular product might consist of following sections.
Header section, which might have links to other effect areas of the page or of the site.
Product section focuses on the primary product of the page.
Features section might focus on various features of that product.
Pricing table section might highlight different pricing models to own the product.
Call-to-action will prompt the user to take some action etc.
Footer section might have other links such as about company, social media links, etc.

You can also follow the same methodology to design web pages. Following sections will have videos showing various designs under different section heads. You can follow these videos to learn flex layouts and to build your variations of different section. You can build your library of these sections and then can use them in different projects by just changing their content and styling.
We will keep on updating the sample videos to reflect various sections.
Following videos show a few different variations of the Features  section
Feature 2.png
Feature 2
Feature 3.png
Feature 3
Feature 4.png
Feature 4
Feature 5.png
Feature 5
Feature 6.png
Feature 6
Feature 7.png
Feature 7
Feature 8
Feature 9.png
Feature 9
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