What's New in QuarkXPress 2019

QuarkXPress 2019 (v15.2)

Features and Enhancements

This document provides an introduction to new features and enhancements in QuarkXPress 2019 (v15.2).

Text and Typography

New Option for Space Before Paragraph

Users now have an option to apply Space Before to the first paragraph in a column or a text box via Paragraph Style Sheets as well as Measurement Palette. Earlier, Space Before could be applied only between paragraphs.

This will help designers since they can now apply space before to the very first paragraph of the column and also maintain the same spacing across all paragraphs.

Space before options:
  1. Only between paragraphs: This applies space before only between paragraphs and hence is not applicable for the very first paragraph of the column. Earlier, users had to manually insert for space in the very first paragraph of the column.

  2. Only at Column Top: This applies space before to the very first paragraph of the column.

  3. Always: As the name implies it applies to both the above scenarios.

Measurement Palette
Measurement Palette
Style Sheet
Style Sheet
Specify Last Line Indent for a Paragraph

The Last line indent can be set for paragraphs via Paragraph Style Sheets as well as Measurement Palette. This helps the text in the last line of a paragraph to flow to the right indent area and allows user to handle multiple use cases like creating a Table of Content or some other content where the relevant text for each paragraph in the last line needs to be added to the right indent area.  For example: Questionnaire with multiple choice answers or True or False statements.

Specify Last Line Indent for a Paragraph
Paragraph Style Sheet


Use Cases for Last line Indent
Use Case for Last Line Indent 1


Use Case for Last Line Indent 2

User Interface 

Dark Theme on Windows 

Experience the richness of modern dark theme for the application canvas, document canvas and palettes. Rich look comes with more stable palettes and seamless UI experience while working on documents.

The Dark theme is now the default theme of QuarkXPress.

To change the color theme, Click on Edit-> Preferences-> Color Theme

The change in color theme will take after relaunching the QuarkXPress application.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Style sheet Context Menu

Style sheet context menu options may be accessed with new Keyboard shortcuts for user convenience and to improve productivity. 


Digital Publishing

Performance Improvements in Flex Layouts 
  • For improved user experience with Flex layouts, significant performance improvement has been made in the area of panning and scrolling in Flex Layout Pages.

  • Faster scrolling and panning of Flex layout and no lag while user input text.

  • Optimization for exported images, without losing the quality of the image, the image size is reduced while generating HTML5 output. Page loading will be faster since the output size is lesser.


Preserve TTF Used in Layout and in PDF Files as TTF in PDG Output

TrueType Fonts used in QuarkXPress project and also in imported PDF till now outputting as Type1 on outputting PDF from QuarkXPress. From now, TrueType Fonts used in QuarkXPress project and also in imported PDF will be retained as TrueType Fonts on outputting as PDF from QuarkXPress.

This may fail some times if the TrueType Fonts breach the 64K limit of PostScript strings, in this case TrueType Fonts will output as Type1 as before.

IDML Enhancements

InDesign File Import Enhancements 

Earlier, while importing IDML file in QuarkXPress, the Footnotes, Endnotes in the IDML file and Drop shadow effects associated with an item were ignored. Now, QuarkXPress 15.2, provides support for importing of footnotes, endnotes as well as drop shadow effects from IDML file.

This will help designers in productivity and save their time as they do not have to add these features manually.

In IDML import, Endnotes applied at the “document” level cannot be imported in QuarkXPress. (QuarkXPress only provides support for endnotes applied at story level)