QuarkXPress 2019 Known and Resolved Issues

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2019 – March 2020 Update (15.2.1)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2019 – March 2020 Update (15.2.1). Note that the following is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

  • RESOLVED: Vector EPS images having objects placed at the edges appear clipped at the edges on importing in QuarkXPress. (89680, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): The measurement palette should be horizontally resizable. (40279, since v7)

  • RESOLVED: The default pasteboard color is not in sync with the selected color theme. (117067, since v2019 15.2)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows 8.1 OS only): Rulers are not visible in the dark theme. (121167, since v2019 15.2)

  • RESOLVED: Color profiles in the QuarkXPress default digital color source setup changes while performing some document operations, due to which the colors appear corrupted. (119256, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Font style appears blank for some fonts in case of specific user names. (118260, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: Memory leak occurs while performing different layout operations. (116904, since v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): Width and height controls are missing for anchored items in the vertical measurement palette. (109371, since v2018 14.0)

  • RESOLVED: Tabbed text is not aligned properly in case of right tabs and justified alignment while opening version 2015 created projects. (121740, since v2016)

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes while opening specific Mac created documents that have a corrupt font list handle. (124418, since v2015)

  • RESOLVED: PDF export fails if it contains a hyperlink text having round parentheses. (124100, since v2018)

  • RESOLVED: (macOS Catalina only): Text flow version does not get updated after opening a legacy version project by holding down the Option key and saving in the current version. (126350, introduced in macOS Catalina)

  • RESOLVED: (macOS Catalina only): Modified images do not get reimported on opening a project by holding down the Command key. (126360, introduced in macOS Catalina)