QuarkXPress 2019 Known and Resolved Issues

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2019 – January 2021 Update (15.2.5)

Following is a list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2019 (v15.2.5). Note that the following is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): Library does not reopen automatically after quitting and relaunching of QuarkXPress application. (145715, v10)

  • RESOLVED: Unable to drag items into the QuarkXPress library from the other drive or Desktop. (148604, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): QuarkXPress crashes on getting print setup of a document using Apple Script. (166798, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): Unable to determine file path using AppleScript, if the files are on AFP Network volume. (168869, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Opacity applied to ‘Rule Below’ lines and text box color is outputting incorrectly in flattened output. (154098, v2017)

  • RESOLVED: Text applied opacity outputs with incorrect color value in flattened output when text box color has opacity or shade. (101107, v2017)

  • RESOLVED: Many of the Adobe CC family fonts are rendered as very thick on the layout. (121760, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Performance delay occurs while working with Type1 Postscript fonts. (164896, v2018)

  • RESOLVED: (Windows only): Favorite glyphs get multiplied on activating/ deactivating fonts in the Glyph palette. (163629, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): QuarkXPress crashes on activating or deactivating fonts if glyph is selected in the Glyph palette. (141533, v2018)

  • RESOLVED: (Mac only): Uppercase accented E character with circumflex 'Ê does not render on the layout when used in Running Header content variable. (155275, v2019)

  • RESOLVED: Text Shading Style having border should display bottom and top border lines for a continued paragraph or for continuous paragraphs have same text shading style when text flows across columns. (160743, v2017)