QuarkXPress 2018 Known and Resolved Issues

Resolved issues: QuarkXPress 2018 - July 2020 Update (14.3.5)

Following is the list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 2018 - July 2020 Update.

  • RESOLVED: The last character of the inserted text gets omitted in the Redline tool tip for a deleted text if it contains a text deletion and text insertion. (117207)

  • RESOLVED: Vector EPS images are imported with some shift or white gap is visible at the left/bottom of the image. (89680)

  • RESOLVED: 'Update Missing Images' JavaScript sample does not scan sub-folders for missing images, and it does not work properly if a different page of the PDF file is imported. (104849)

  • RESOLVED: Export as PDF fails if the hyperlink name consists of round parentheses. (124578)

  • RESOLVED: Export as PDF fails if the hyperlink URL contains round parentheses. (45202)

  • RESOLVED: Hyperlink applied to text in different font sizes gets applied to the entire page on output. (126664)

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes while generating PDF output if the document contains specific PDF files having math equations in TYPE 1 (CID) font type (139829)

  • RESOLVED: All glyphs are not rendered on importing specific PDF files having OpenType CID fonts downloaded as OpenType Type 1 CID. (140462)

  • RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes on opening some specific projects having corrupt font data. (145191)