Release Notes

April 23, 2024 — v4.0

New Features/Enhancements

In this release, prepare to be amazed by many exciting features and enhancements designed to elevate your experience. From enhanced functionalities to streamlined processes, we provide you with tools that empower and inspire. Embrace the future with our latest enhancements.

Web Application

  1. Introducing personalized Preferences: Tailoring your QPP NextGen experience

    We’re launching a dynamic new feature — Preferences, on the QPP-NG platform. This exciting addition, available within the Settings section of the Admin tab, empowers you with enhanced customization and control over your QPP-NG experience. 

    Key capabilities –

    • Quark Author Integration: Take charge of how assets open in Quark Author by setting your preferences to suit your workflow effortlessly. 

    • Home Page Control: Seamlessly manage the visibility of the "where to find help" section on the home page via the user-friendly Preferences UI within the admin section. 

    • Define Search Behavior: Customize document searches by specifying whether they should include all versions or only the latest version, aligning the search functionality with your organizational requirements. 

    Explore the new Preferences feature today and tailor your QPP-NG experience to match your unique needs with precision and ease! 

  2. Streamlined Analytics navigation unleashed in QPP NextGen!

    We've unveiled an exciting upgrade to the analytics functionality in QPP NextGen! In response to user needs, we have restructured the Analytics tab, dividing it into two distinct tabs: Content Strategy and Content Operations

    This enhancement has been designed to simplify and streamline navigation, allowing you to swiftly access targeted analytical reports and insights. By placing a specific focus on Content Strategy and Content Operations, we aim to enhance user experience and empower more efficient decision-making within the platform. 

    These newly structured tabs will be prominently placed on the menu bar of the home screen, presenting a user-friendly interface that reflects our commitment to delivering an intuitive user experience. 

  3. Enhancing Data Integration capabilities in QPP NextGen

    We’ve made a significant enhancement to the QPP NextGen platform with the integration of Azure Data Factory, expanding the horizon of data integration capabilities for our users. This latest feature enables users to extract data from diverse sources in CSV format, leveraging the power of Azure Data Factory within QPP NextGen. 

    Key features of this enhancement are –

    • Enhanced Data Source Compatibility: You can seamlessly connect to various data sources through Azure Data Factory, extracting data in CSV format to enrich your analyses beyond Excel. 

    • Enhanced Data Visualization: You can effortlessly create visualization tables using CSV data, empowering you to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with ease. 

    • Increased Control Over Data: You gain greater control over your data by accessing data from sources supported by Azure Data Factory, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of your analyses. 

    Elevate your data analysis capabilities with QPP NextGen's advanced data integration features now enhanced with Azure Data Factory's CSV data extraction capabilities. Unleash the full potential of your data insights and drive informed decisions effortlessly. 

  4. Introducing enhanced workflow management capabilities in QPP NextGen

    We’ve made a significant enhancement to our platform with a focus on optimizing workflow management — the introduction of advanced features designed to streamline navigation, enhance collaboration, and provide detailed insights into workflow efficiency. 

    Key improvements –

    • Mini-Map Navigation: To address the challenges posed by large workflow visualizations, we have introduced a mini-map feature that offers an overview of the entire workflow, enabling you to navigate through complex structures with ease and precision. 

    • Group Movement via Drag & Drop: Facilitating seamless collaboration, users can now group elements within the workflow and move them collectively via simple drag-and-drop actions, enhancing efficiency and simplifying workflow editing. 

    • Detailed Analytics: Our new analytics feature provides support for tracking average time and actual time data, offering valuable insights into workflow performance and document processing. 

      • Average Time Measurement: The system now calculates the average time spent in each status, deriving the mean duration across all documents of the selected workflow and content type. This metric provides a holistic view of status duration for effective performance evaluation. 

      • Actual Time Tracking: You can now access the actual time spent in each status for a specific document within the selected workflow and content type. This real-time tracking feature offers granular visibility into the processing timeline of individual documents. 

    We believe that these enhancements will revolutionize the way you manage workflows within QPP NextGen, offering improved navigation capabilities, enhanced collaboration tools, and in-depth analytics for informed decision-making and process optimization. 

  5. Introducing dependent attribute support in meta

    We’ve made an enhancement to our QPP NextGen platform — the addition of support for dependent attributes in meta! This update brings a seamless display of linked dependent attribute values in content model properties, enabling immediate real-time updates. 

    Key features –

    • Efficient Content Model Management: You can now manage content model properties linked to dependent attributes with ease, creating a more efficient workflow for content creation and management. 

    • Real-time Data Reflection: The introduction of dependent attribute support allows for immediate updates in content model properties, providing you with real-time representation of linked dependent attribute values. 

    • Enhanced User Experience: With this new feature, the platform offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, empowering you to make meaningful connections between content model properties and dependent attributes. 

    We believe this update will significantly improve the content creation and management experience for our users, providing them with the tools they need to streamline their workflow and maintain an up-to-date representation of their content. 

  6. Elevate Your Publishing Process: Streamlined XSLT Configuration from QPP Collections

    QPP NextGen embraces a transformative shift towards advanced XSLT productization and collection integration, introducing a seamless workflow for developers. 

    Key features – 

    • Seamless Configuration: Developers can now effortlessly configure XSLT transformation files from QPP Collections within the automation channels and publishing processes, eliminating the need to access the backend S3 repository for modifications. 

    • Flexible Transformation Selection: The automation channel and publishing process support the specification of XSLT files for transformation, with the ability to resolve references directly from the QPP Collection. 

    • Dependent File Resolution: The publishing process allows seamless resolution of dependent transformation files from the parent collection folder, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive content publishing workflow. 

    • Immediate Update Impact: Changes or updates made to the transformation files in the QPP Collection take immediate effect without requiring a service restart, promoting efficiency and responsiveness in content management. 

    • Universal Compatibility: The implementation for resolving transformation files from the QPP Collection is now universally applicable across all publishing channels, extending the benefits beyond default settings. 

    These enhancements provide developers with greater flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use in configuring XSLT transformations and leveraging QPP Collections within the automation and publishing workflows. 

  7. QPP NextGen v4.0: Enhanced compatibility and expanded support

    We are pleased to announce the release of QPP NextGen v4.0, marking a significant leap forward in compatibility and support for our ecosystem. This latest version is now fully compatible with QuarkXPress 2024 and QuarkXPress Server 2024, ensuring seamless integration and extended functionality. Additionally, QXP adapters have been optimized to fully support QuarkXPress 2024, enhancing the overall performance and usability of the QPP NextGen platform. 

    This release serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a cohesive and integrated experience for our users, enabling them to harness the full potential of the QPP NextGen platform in tandem with QuarkXPress 2024 and QuarkXPress Server 2024. 

  8. Permission control for 'Connection' feature in our latest release

    We’ve made an update to the recently introduced Connections feature in our latest release. In response to user feedback and to enhance account security and access control, we have implemented permission controls for the Connections feature. This change ensures that the feature will now be available exclusively to users with the admin license type, offering increased control and oversight for your platform. 

    The privilege for the Connections feature can be managed within the under the Administration group within Application Privileges, allowing Admin users to configure and oversee access to this feature. The three distinct types of privileges available for the Connections feature are: View, Create/Modify, and Delete

Quark Author

  1. Introducing Semantic Search: Elevating content discovery in Quarky Copilot 

    We're excited to announce the integration of Semantic Search in our AI-enabled Quarky Copilot feature, enhancing the search experience for our users. This groundbreaking feature is designed to revolutionize the way users discover and access desired content within our platform. 

    With Semantic Search, you can now delve into the wealth of documents available in QPP NextGen with unparalleled ease and precision. By simply entering your query, our AI-enabled Quarky Copilot will sift through a vast array of documents, presenting search results with relevancy scores, enabling you to swiftly identify and select the most pertinent content. 

    The introduction of Semantic Search marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance user experience and efficiency within QPP NextGen. This feature promises to empower our users with the ability to seamlessly navigate and extract value from our platform, ultimately streamlining their content creation process. 

    The Semantic Search capability is fully supported by both Quark XML Author and Quark Author, empowering users with advanced semantic search capabilities for enhanced content discovery and retrieval.

Quark XML Author

  1. Introducing automatic meta-pane refresh in Quark XML Author

    We’ve made a significant enhancement to your editing experience with the implementation of automatic meta-pane refresh in our Quark XML Author platform. This new feature directly addresses a common user request and promises to streamline your workflow by dynamically updating the meta-pane based on the selected element. 

    Key features of this update include –

    • Automatic Refresh: The meta-pane will now refresh automatically based on the selected element in real-time, providing you with relevant and up-to-date information as you navigate through your XML documents.  

    • Improved Contextual Awareness: With the meta-pane now synchronized to the selected element, you will benefit from enhanced contextual awareness, making it easier to access and utilize relevant metadata and properties for the current element. 

    • Efficient Editing: This capability is designed to boost your productivity by eliminating the need for manual meta-pane refreshes, allowing you to focus on your content without interruption. 

    We're confident that this new feature will significantly enhance your editing experience within Quark XML Author, empowering you to work more efficiently and effectively with your XML content. 

  2. Important update regarding read-only Emphasis removal in Quark XML Author 

    We would like to inform you of a recent update pertaining to the removal of read-only emphasis within the Quark XML Author platform. Previously, the "remove emphasis" option was available in the context menu for read-only emphasis. However, in alignment with our ongoing efforts to improve user experience and facilitate intuitive interactions, we have made a change to streamline the process for removing read-only emphasis. 

    Key change –

    • Accessibility of "Remove Emphasis" Option: The "Remove Emphasis" option will no longer be visible or accessible in the context menu of the read-only emphasis. To remove the read-only emphasis for specific content, users will now need to remove or delete the selected content. 

    We believe that this adjustment will simplify the user experience while still providing a solution to remove read-only emphasis as required. 

  3. Enhanced support for Metadata: Quark XML Author now includes structured elements 

    We’ve made a significant enhancement in Quark XML Author — comprehensive support for metadata within structured elements. This update extends metadata capabilities to region elements, list elements, table row elements, and object elements, empowering users to effortlessly manage and enrich their structured content with essential metadata. 

    Experience a new level of flexibility and control as Quark XML Author enables seamless integration of metadata within a wide array of structured elements, enhancing the overall content management experience. 

  4. Seamless structured content insertion: Elevating content creation with enhanced smart paste in QPP NextGen! 

    We’ve made a significant update to Quarky Copilot in the QPP NextGen platform. We’ve enhanced the smart paste functionality to enable seamless and structured content insertion from Quarky Copilot into Quark XML Author. This improvement aims to cater to the needs of content creators, providing efficient and accurate content insertion while maintaining the original integrity of the structured content. 

    Key highlights of the enhanced smart paste functionality – 

    • Seamless Insertion: You can seamlessly insert structured content from Quarky Copilot using smart paste in Quark XML Author, streamlining the content creation process. 

    • Preservation of Formatting: The smart paste feature now recognizes and retains the original formatting, including fonts, styles, and indentation of the inserted content, ensuring that the integrity of the content is maintained. 

    • Intelligent Placement: Inserted structured content intelligently appears at the specified location on the canvas, guaranteeing an uninterrupted smart paste operation that does not compromise the original content structure. 

    With this enhancement, we aim to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and ensure the integrity of content during smart paste operations, addressing the specific requirements raised by our valued content creators. 

Platform Server

  1. Introducing enhanced search functionality for all versions of documents in QPP NextGen

    We’ve made an exciting update to our platform based on user feedback — the introduction of the capability to search across all documents regardless of version. This enhancement addresses a common user request and aims to improve your content discovery and accessibility within QPP NextGen. 

    Key features of this update include – 

    • Cross-Version Search: You can now search for and access all documents including older versions, providing a comprehensive view of approved content across the platform. 

    • Enhanced Accessibility: This new functionality ensures that documents, regardless of their version history, are readily accessible, allowing you to retrieve the most relevant content for your needs. 

    • Improved Content Discovery: You will benefit from greater flexibility in locating documents, leading to a more efficient and intuitive content discovery process across the QPP NextGen platform. 

    We’re confident that this enhancement will significantly enhance your experience by providing seamless access to all documents, across versions, streamlining your content publishing and management workflows.  

DOCX Converter Tool

  1. Introducing enhanced workflow customization in DOCX Converter Tool 

    We’ve made a significant update to our DOCX Converter tool, offering users the ability to specify Workflow and Status for the selected content type. With the added functionality, you can now seamlessly select NextGen as your check-in preference, triggering a new dialog box to tailor the Workflow and Status according to your specific requirements.

    This enhancement empowers you to fine-tune your content management process, ensuring a more streamlined and customizable experience within the DOCX Converter tool. 


  1. Revolutionizing web performance: Unleashing the power of QPP NextGen 

    We've made significant updates to our QPP NextGen platform focused on enhancing performance for web applications. In this release, we've implemented key improvements aimed at optimizing user experience and efficiency.

    Below are the performance enhancements – 

    • Caching Optimization: Enhanced caching on both application and service levels to reduce load times and improve overall responsiveness. 

    • UI Responsiveness: Implemented lazy loading techniques to ensure a smoother and more responsive user interface experience. 

    • Reduced Server Chattiness: Minimized server chattiness to streamline communication between client and server, resulting in quicker data retrieval. 

    • Compression Enablement: Enabled compression to reduce data transfer sizes, leading to faster loading times and decreased bandwidth usage. 

    • Asynchronous Asset & Collection Handling: Number of collection & asset in a collection are fetched asynchronously. 

    • Query Optimization: Previously, saved query result count were fetched proactively. But now these are on demand, i.e., when the saved query is executed. 



  2. Security enhancement alert: Data exposure mitigated in QPP NextGen platform 

    We’re announcing a crucial security update for QPP NextGen, aimed at fortifying data protection within the platform. In response to inadvertently exposed sensitive user information, including phone numbers, email addresses, first and last names, we have swiftly implemented a new row mapper. This configuration meticulously extracts and maps only essential data to the User DTO, effectively mitigating the risk posed by the identified APIs. You can now rest assured that your personal information is safeguarded, reflecting our unwavering commitment to data security and privacy within QPP NextGen. 

    The affected APIs include –  

    • authenticateUser(String, String)  

    • getDomainValue(int, long, boolean, boolean)  

    • getAssetVersion()  

    • getAsset()  

    • revertToOlderVersion()  

    • checkOut()  

    • abortCheckOut()  

    • promoteDraft()  

    • duplicateAsset()  

    • getAttributeValuesByName() 

    The sensitive data that has been removed from these APIs includes – 







    Essentially, we avoid explicitly setting null values for variables. Instead, we refrain from retrieving unnecessary data from the database, allowing the row mapper to automatically assign default values.

  3. Accelerate your insights with Tableau 2023.3.3 

    Our platform has been successfully upgraded to the latest version of Tableau 2023.3.3. This update brings exciting new features and enhancements that will significantly impact the way we verify audits, monitor engagement trends, and access other Tableau reports. 

  4. Webhook database backward compatibility 

    The webhook database has been made backward compatible to support multiple releases, reducing infrastructure costs and maintenance efforts. This change will enable a single database to effectively support multiple releases, leading to cost savings and reduced maintenance overheads. 

  5. PostgreSQL v15 unleashed on QPP NextGen 

    The PostgreSQL v15 upgrade for the QPP NextGen platform delivers a significant performance boost, enhanced security features, improved compatibility with external systems, stability enhancements, and seamless migration support. This upgrade empowers users to experience faster query execution, strengthened data protection, smoother integration, increased reliability, and a seamless transition to the latest version. 

  6. Enhanced security for error response of Create Branch API 

    Verbose error messages have been removed from the error response of the "Create Branch" API for security purposes. By removing additional information from the error response, the platform is now more secure and better aligned with industry best practices for security and data protection. 

  7. Opt-In Deployment for Wiris Plugin with Quark Author 

    The Wiris plugin will no longer be available by default with Quark Author. Instead, it will be deployed for customers who have opted for it. This change allows for a more targeted deployment of the Wiris plugin, ensuring that it is specifically available to customers who have chosen to utilize its functionality. 

  8. QPP NextGen platform goes dependency-free for HTML and PDF channels 

    We’ve made a significant enhancement to the QPP NextGen platform: the complete removal of QXPS dependencies for HTML and PDF publishing channels. This transformative update simplifies the publishing process, freeing users from dependencies and unlocking seamless HTML and PDF publishing directly from the QPP NextGen platform. Experience unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and independence in content publishing with this latest advancement. 

Resolved Issues

Unveiling our latest triumphs in customer-driven excellence. Explore our Resolved Issues section to witness how we turn feedback into actions, providing seamless experiences for all.

Web Applications

  1. The database unavailability issue on the QPP NextGen platform has been successfully resolved. You can now enjoy uninterrupted access to the database, ensuring smooth and consistent performance. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

  2. The recent update to the QPP NextGen platform includes a fix for a behavior where the platform didn't retain user changes in the properties form if custom validation returned false. With this fix, the platform now retains user changes, allowing for a smoother editing experience. You can now make required adjustments and re-submit changes without losing any data. 

  3. The reported issue of a black box appearing around the close button in the Asset Details tab within the QPP NextGen workspace has been effectively resolved. Following the necessary fixes, you will no longer encounter this visual artifact, ensuring a cleaner and more seamless user interface experience. We appreciate your understanding, and we’re committed to continuously improving the platform for an enhanced user experience. Thank you for your patience as we strive to deliver a more polished and visually refined QPP NextGen. 

  4. The issue reported by users, which prevented the expand option from being available in the Asset Details tab on the QPP NextGen platform, has been successfully addressed. Following our resolution, you can now consistently access the expand option within the Asset Details tab. This enhancement aims to provide a more seamless and intuitive user experience. 

  5. We’ve successfully resolved the issue impacting the visibility of attribute value lists on the QPP NextGen platform. Users, with the appropriate privileges, previously encountered difficulty viewing these lists. Following our investigation and diligent efforts, this issue has been resolved, ensuring that you can now access and view attribute value lists as intended. 

  6. We’ve successfully fixed the issue that resulted in data loss for the Server attribute value tied to the Value List, impacting users’ ability to add new values. Following our thorough investigation and fixes, you can now utilize this feature without the risk of data loss. The updates ensure a more reliable and secure experience, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance the QPP NextGen platform. 

  7. Users reported an issue where tag type names were automatically modified after creation on the QPP NextGen platform. They experienced instances where spaces were replaced with "-" in the tag type names, causing conflicts when used in content models. Following our investigation and fixes, tags will now retain their original names and types as set during creation. You can now create tags with the assurance that the tag name and type will remain as initially set. This enhancement ensures a smoother workflow and eliminates potential issues with content models. 

  8. We’re excited to announce the successful resolution of an issue reported by users in QPP NextGen. Previously, the additional window of edit options was not appearing when editing a component. Following our investigation, we’ve fixed this issue. You can now expect the additional window to consistently display while editing a component, enhancing the editing experience. 

Quark Author

  1. The recent update to QPP Author includes a fix for an issue where the smart table was not automatically refreshed upon revision updates when replaced from the server. Following our investigation, the issue has been successfully resolved. With this fix, you can now experience automatic refreshing of smart tables when revisions are updated during server replacement, ensuring real-time updates and seamless document management. 

Smart Content Designer

  1. We’re excited to announce the successful resolution of an issue affecting the page order alignment in the QuarkXPress Publishing Server. Users observed inconsistencies when comparing outputs between QXPS and PDF outputs from XPress, particularly with the master pages of page numbers 2 and 3 being swapped. Following thorough investigation and resolution efforts, this issue has been rectified. The output will now accurately reflect the designed layout as intended in XPress, ensuring consistency and reliability. 

Platform Server

  1. Quick search results on the QPP NextGen platform have been updated to ensure correctness and consistency for improved user experience. You can now expect accurate and consistent quick search results. Thank you for your patience and continuous support as we strive to enhance your experience on our platform. 

  2. The recent slowness reported by users in search and export search results on the QPP NextGen platform has been successfully addressed. Following our investigation, the necessary optimizations have been implemented to significantly improve the speed of search and export functionalities. This enhancement is aimed at ensuring a faster and more efficient experience for our users. Thank you for your patience, and we trust you'll appreciate the improved performance of QPP NextGen. 

  3. We’ve successfully resolved the issue impacting the search functionality on the QPP NextGen platform. Users previously experienced an unexpected behavior where searching for "Supporting Document (Word)" and "Supporting Document (PDF)" assets returned "Analytical Procedure" documents. Following our investigation, this issue has been diligently addressed, ensuring that the search results now accurately align with the applied search conditions. We appreciate your patience, and we believe this fix will significantly enhance the precision and reliability of asset searches in QPP NextGen. 

  4. We’re pleased to announce that the recent update to the QPP NextGen platform includes a resolution for an issue where search was not functioning parallelly on 5 windows, leading to extended wait times without returning any results. Following our investigation, the issue has been successfully resolved. With this enhancement, you can now expect seamless parallel search functionality, ensuring quicker and more efficient search results across multiple windows. 

Quark XML Author

  1. The issue with the "Save all components" functionality in Quark XML Author has been resolved. Following this update, saving all components will now create a version for all updated components. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to enhance your experience with our platform. 

  2. The issue causing documents not to open using the Word rendition despite configuration in Quark XML Author has been successfully resolved. Documents will now open using the Word rendition as intended when configured. Thank you for your patience as we worked to rectify this issue. 

  3. The issue related to the Current Section preview in Quark XML Author has been successfully resolved. Previously, users were experiencing a display of the complete chapter instead of the configured Current Section preview. With this fix, the preview now correctly displays the section when the preview channel is set to the Current Section. This enhancement ensures a more accurate and streamlined preview experience for our users. 

  4. We’ve successfully resolved the issue in Quark XML Author that affected the saving of binary meta in documents. Users encountered difficulties as binary meta set to true was reverting to false upon reopening the document. Following our investigation and diligent efforts, this issue has been fixed, ensuring that binary meta settings will now be retained when documents are reopened. 

We appreciate your understanding, and we’re committed to delivering an improved and more efficient experience in QPP NextGen. Thank you for your patience as we work to enhance the platform for all users.