Release Notes

June 27, 2023 - v3.1

New Features

The following new features have been introduced in this version of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen:

  • Translation Management: The ability to create translations of text-based assets on your QPP NextGen server has been implemented with the following capabilities: 

    • Create different translations of the same language for different regions; for example, Spanish (Europe) and Spanish (Latin America)

    • Add new languages and regions for translations

    • Create translation configurations to automatically trigger or to allow users with the Author license to create translations at a specific workflow status.


    Only users with an Admin license can add languages, and regions, and create translation configurations. Only users with an Author or Admin license can translate a document. 
  • DOCX Converter: A desktop application plugin that allows you to convert your legacy DOCX files to XML files in bulk based on a specific content type available on your QPP NextGen server.

  • Endnote Citations Support: Support for several commonly used citation types has been added to allow better management of the citations imported from other sources to QPP NextGen. Additionally, now you can create your own custom citation models. 

  • Webhooks Integration: Webhooks support has been added to allow third-party applications/services to extend QPP NextGen functionalities based on QPP NextGen events (such as asset creation, asset download, and so on). 


The following enhancements have been made in this version of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen:


  • Several new publishing channel parameters have been added to: 

    • Improve the security of the PDF outputs; for example, enable password protection, disable copying content, and so on

    • Segregate files in the output by format type

    • Download any files that are associated with the asset you are publishing in the published package

  • The ability to auto-download the published assets has been implemented.

  • The accessibility has been improved on several Level A and AA WCAG criteria. 

Quark Author

  • The ability to search from the list of possible values for an attribute while creating a new document has been implemented. 

  • The accessibility has been improved on several Level A and AA WCAG criteria. 

Adapter for Quark XML Author

  • The accessibility has been improved on several Level A and AA WCAG criteria. 

Adapter for QuarkXPress

  • The support for QuarkXPress 19.1 has been added. 

Smart Content Designer

  • The ability to use metadata (attribute values) of an asset in its published outputs has been implemented.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this version of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen:

  • Several stability issues have been fixed in Quark Author, WebApp, and Adapter applications.

Quark Author

  • Quark Author could not open a document created in Quark XML Author if the associated content model had a section (child content model) whose Occurrence was set as One or More and the section also had a sub-section.