Release Notes

February 28, 2023 - v3.0

New Features

The following new features have been added to this version of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen:

Web Application

  • The ability to create branches of assets and components has been implemented. The option to create or switch branches is now available within Quark Author's content editor, navigation pane, the Asset Details pane, and all the asset listing pages. 

  • A new unified user interface is now available for Quark Publishing Platform NextGen modules (Quark Author, Workspace, and Admin) to improve the usability of the platform.

  • A new Home screen is now available for Quark Publishing Platform NextGen to allow users with different license types better access to the platform. 

Platform Server

  • Quark Publishing Platform NextGen now allows you to open the documents (of the content type Smart Content) across Quark Author and Adapter applications. 

  • The following new role-based licenses have been introduced for better management of the assets on the platform: 

    • Admin: An Admin can manage users and their privileges.

    • Author: An Author can create, publish, and manage content. 

    • Contributor: A Contributor/Reviewer can edit and manage content.

    • Consumer: A consumer can preview content in the read-only mode.

    • Docurated: A user with a Docurated license can access the Docurated server synced with Quark Publishing Platform NextGen.

  • QuarkXPress plugin Smart Content Designer has been introduced to allow you to create, design, and manage publishing templates for your documents based on their content models.

  • The section-level engagement analytics has been introduced. You can access the section analytics through the Asset Details pane. 


Quark XML Author and Microsoft Office
  • The ability to create branches of assets and components has been implemented. The option to create or switch branches on the user interface varies based on the adapter application you are using.


The following enhancement has been made in this version of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen:

Web Application

  • Angular and Node libraries have been upgraded to the latest version (14.2.6 and 16.17.1, respectively) to improve security.