Platform 2015 - September 2019 Update Known and Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues: Platform 2015 – September 2019 Update 

Following is a list of issues resolved in the September 2019 update of Platform 2015. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all fixes in this version.

Platform Server
  • Resolved: Issue with image previews in Quark Publishing Platform and over Quark XML Author. (292619)

  • Resolved: The Element added next to the title in chart changes the font when exported to PDF. (281045)

  • Resolved: Unable to generate the high chart preview (image) using the customer provided FTL file and smart table. (284176)

  • Resolved: Incorrect high chart .png output. (292809)

  • Resolved: Y-Axis title is missing in .png output of a chart and X-axis title is partially missing. (292811)

  • Resolved: Unable to click on the hyperlink in excel table in PDF/HTML5 output. (290461)

  • Resolved: HTML preview incorrectly displays continued numbered list. (292754)

  • Resolved: White space is not preserved for xref elements of Smart Content in XSLT for PDF publishing channel resulting in PDF failure through Quark Xpress Server. (292821)

  • Resolved: Attribute value not restored - no error message. (292648)

  • Resolved: Misleading error messages during restoring assets. (292652)

  • Resolved: Error occurs on duplicating an asset for 51 time. (293078)

  • Resolved: 'INVALID_OPERAND' exception is shown on searching for already deleted Content Type. (274348)

  • Resolved: Quark Publishing Platform Web: Editing saved search with IDs adds comma separators. (292764)

  • Resolved: [Appstudio rendition]: In landscape view, a callout in a box gets rendered at the end of the page instead of alongside the text. (249266)

  • Resolved: Unable to copy child collection with assets, under its parent collection which already have a child collection with same name in the Web Client. (278730)

  • Resolved: New collection from collection template limited to 50 items. (292631)

  • Resolved: [Legacy]: Only 50 collections shown in the collection view of a collection. (292941)

  • Resolved: Temporary files inside work folder are not getting deleted which were generated while uploading an asset using REST API or workspace. (293118)

Quark Author Web Edition

  • Resolved: Performance issue in Quark Author Web Edition. (290356)

  • Resolved: Tracked tagged content split into two tags on editing the same content by two different authors. (292622)

  • Resolved: Rowspan not retained correctly while copy-pasting a table from excel. (292743)

  • Resolved: Delay in delete and undo process when the Track Changes are on. (292755)

  • Resolved: Some part of the text gets inserted into the canvas and Undo/redo history is lost when comment added quickly. (292050)

  • Resolved: Date changes automatically while switching from properties pane. (Client and Server both on US time zone). (289104)

  • Resolved: Unable to replace a reference component (table, region) if there is unresolved section in the editor. (292669)

  • Resolved: IE 11: Cursor moves to start of Paragraph if there is footnote in table and user clicks on just next right position of footnote number. (286848)

  • Resolved: Umlaut characters typed in properties pane are shown as junk in attribute form if meta is mapped to a platform attribute. (293468)

  • Resolved: Component is not getting closed after clicking on Save and Close when the new document is created using a template. (292919)

  • Resolved: Unable to search for an asset using the date attribute value if the date attribute is saved from Quark Author's ‘Check In’ dialog. (292670)

  • Resolved: Adding a component/image in a document created from server template gives a Warning message. (287518)

  • Resolved: Unable to submit the "No more spelling errors" alert if there are no errors in the document. (292150)

  • Resolved: Error occurs while saving revision of the document when draft was being saved simultaneously. (292871)

  • Resolved: 30026- 83228 X-axis scale interval is changed. (220660)

  • Resolved: It takes long time to save a document having large tables with meta on each cell. (293049)

  • Resolved: Meta on section is not appearing if it is inserted twice on the document. (292612)

  • Resolved: Title Placeholder text doesn't appear on deleting tracked insertion from title in tracking mode. (183676)

Quark XML Adapters

  • Resolved: Inconsistent exception on server shutdown during Saving to Server Sections in Busdoc. (292617)

  • Resolved: Unable to logon with Office adapter and Quark XML author adapter on ISACA server running Azure. (294022)

Connect Client

  • Resolved: Quark Publishing Platform clients should read the proxy server details from proxy.pac file. (293438)

  • Resolved: Workspace browser disappears. (289042)

Office Adapter

  • Resolved: Null reference Exception is thrown if the user clicks save in the Save dialog after network connection is lost. (288453)

  • Resolved: Unable to logon with Office adapter and Quark XML author adapter on ISACA server running Azure. (294022)

Platform XTensions

  • Resolved: Disabling the ‘Visual Indicators’ using Preference is not hiding lock icon. (76547)