Release Notes 3.x

June 27, 2023 - v3.1

New Features

The following new features have been introduced in this version of Docurated: 

  • Storage Management: A widget in the Profile Menu that allows you to efficiently manage your cloud storage consumption and cost with the following capabilities:

    • See your cloud storage consumption by file format types and versions at a glance

    • Delete unnecessary files to clear storage

    • Get notifications on critical storage consumption milestones

  • Recycle Bin: Now Docurated lets you keep and restore your deleted assets for a certain period before permanently deleting them. The Recycle Bin option is available in the Profile Menu.

    You can only restore the assets that a user has deleted on Docurated. Assets deleted on synced sources cannot be restored.
    Both features (Storage Management and Recycle Bin) are only accessible to administrators. However, all users can view the assets they have deleted in Recycle Bin.


The following enhancement has been made in this version of Docurated:

  • The ability to automatically map the title of an asset on SharePoint as the asset name on Docurated has been implemented. 

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this version of Docurated:

  • Several stability issues have been fixed.

  • The Docurated page under the Quark tab in Salesforce had a fixed height, which caused display issues when accessed on different devices of different resolutions.