User Guide


Quark Docurated (or Docurated) is a SaaS solution for content management and content intelligence. Docurated has machine learning capabilities and broad scope for integration that allow you to curate and share multi-format content from multiple sources with your target audiences on the devices of their preferences and then analyze if and how that content resonates.

This user guide explains all the sections and operations in Docurated that you have access to as a non-administrator user (non-admin) and as an administrator user (admin user). The guide aims to help you understand the processes to search, extract, curate, present, and analyze different types of content in Docurated.

Wherever a feature or option is specific to an admin user, the title of the section is suffixed with [Admin] or [Admin Only] based on whether the same feature/option is available to a non-admin user or not. If you are a non-admin user, you can skip these sections.
This user guide is a supplement and must be read in conjunction while using Docurated.