CE Workspace User Guide

About Quark Content Enablement Platform

Quark Content Enablement Platform is a highly configurable solution for automating the content life cycle according to your business process so that approved content can be published and distributed to multiple channels and formats. Quark Content Enablement Platform is built as per the requirements of both authors and admins of the platform, who needed a managed author sections with well-configured dashboards for the Admin and the Workspace section inside the platform.

The Quark CE Platform consists of a set of three core modules that can be combined in specified ways to provide a consistent output of the content through the system. Also, it can also be integrated with third-party systems as well to accommodate a wide range of modern enterprise content enablement requirements.

Platform capabilities can be described in terms of content creation, management, publishing, and delivery.


The Quark Content Enablement Platform lets you:

  • Design professional and personal content templates for different publications and formats.

  • Provides structured content editor with close resemblance to Microsoft Word and Google Docs environment.

  • Asset integration from databases with other forms of contents.


The Quark Content Enablement Platform provides:

  • Workflow and collaboration tools

  • Task and update notifications

  • Component management

  • Automated checks

  • Version control


With the Quark Content Enablement Platform, you can

  • Automatically assemble components of various types from various sources into sophisticated layouts

  • Automatically publish those layouts in a variety of formats to a variety of devices or systems


The features built into the Quark Content Enablement Platform make it easy for you to deliver content in both public and secure environments according to customer requirements.