CE Workspace User Guide

Workspace Introduction

The Workspace Tab in the Quark Content Enablement Platform is a middleware that is used by managers to manage users and their statistics in the system. The workspace acts like a place where a user or manager can check the entities of the system and users of the system alike. 



The workspace tab is subdivided into 6 sections in total. Each of them gives a manager some or other kind of features to manage users or assets in the system.

A manager account made for controlling workspace can manage Assignments, Favorites, Contents, Searches, and a lot more through different panels.

To access the workspace ca panel, one has to navigate to the following URL:


After that you have to log in as mentioned earlier in the guide, then click the menu in the top right corner to access the workspace tab from navigation options.

Alternatively, a user can go to the following URL after logging in as well:


After accessing the workspace panel, the workspace homepage is the first page to come in front and the user can access other pages from the left navigation panel itself. A detailed description of each page is given in the following sections.