Content Access Portal

Content Access Sharing and Presenter Overview

If you want to share a document, then there are two options:


  • Link Sharing:

  • Email Sharing:


  • Click the Share button to share the document.



Link Sharing


  • Users can share the link of the document with others who did not have the access to content access portal.




  • Enable Receive Notification when the user opens the link.

  • Enable Expiration Date to the document so that once the link expires the user cannot open the link.

  • Enable Allow Downloads to allow the user to download the file.

  • Enable Require Email if you are sharing the link with multiple users so that you can know who has opened the link.

  • Click the Copy Link to share the only link, click Copy Link with title to share the link with a title.


Require Email


This option will allow the presenter to request email. When the user opens the link then a wizard displays, the user has to enter the email to gain access to the shared link.


  • Enable Require email in link tab.





  • Show the email with the user, the user has to enter the email address to view the file. The User can view the expiry date of the file.





Email Sharing


  • Click the Email tab, enter email in send to, enter subject and message.

  • If you want to receive a notification about email, then enable Receive Notification.

  • Set expiration date, shared link will not be accessible after that expired date.

  • If you want the user to download the document then you can enable allow downloads.

  • The UI will show the sorted usernames in the email user interface. A sorted list of usernames will be shown following sorted groups.