Content Access Portal

Content Access Client App Overview

The Content Access Client App is a lightweight application, which is installed on the client’s on-site content repositories to crawl and index the underlying information set. Content Access Client App allows users to share content easily with any associate team members, including all the users in groups. It gives an end-user ability to fully manage their content, as well as the ability to share content that is previously synced. The Client App crawls folders and processes content into Content Access. It’s important to note that all the content crawled by the Client App is set to Private by default until you choose to share it.

The Client App installs in seconds, and we support Desktop installations on servers. It has the following functions:

  • Select which folders or parts of the repository are to be crawled and indexed and relevant date ranges

  • Indexes and extracts relevant metadata from the underlying information set.

  • Scans the underlying permissions model and passes the permissions to the web portal. Active Directory permissions structure can mirror automatically by the client app. All the files will be permission strictly according to the client’s existing AD system. This is optional.

    • Customers can filter by arbitrary predicates defined on any Active Directory attribute.

  • Maintains a pointer from the web portal to the underlying file path enabling users to open any document to the surfaced page in the native application.

  • Runs in the background and continuously checks for changes in the content structure.

Add Content: Client App

Steps to Install Client App

  • Click + icon (add content) to navigate to Add content page.

  • Click Content Access Client App to download directly.



  • Once the installer is downloaded, Run the Installer.

  • Click Install button to run the installer.



  • Please wait, while the set-up is being installed.



  • Once installation is completed, now, you can open the Quark Content Management (Docurated) and Sign-in.

  • Enter your Email and Password to Sign-in.




Single Sign-On:

The SSO allows the user to enter the activation code to continue with Client App installation without entering credentials. (Make sure to log in to Quark Content Management( Docurated) web-app before installing the Client App.)

  • If your organization enabled SSO, then click the SSO button and follow the next steps.


  • Now, copy Activate Code from the new browser windows and enter it in the window displayed above.


  • Open the Quark Content Management (Docurated) Sync Application and enter the Activation code.

  • Now click submit button, Now the Client App with authenticating with your Quark Content Management (Docurated) account.


  • Now a wizard is displayed with following message.

  • Now you can add local content to Quark Content Management (Docurated).




Forgot Password

If you do not remember or forgot the password, then click forgot password button to reset your Quark Content Management (Docurated)  password.

  • Enter the email address and Code given above.


  • If your Internet connection is being protected by Proxy, then the following screen is displayed.

  • To configure Proxy Settings please select the option provided by your IT department.




Proxy Configuration (optional):

· No Proxy/Automatic

· Manual–Specify PAC (Enter URL to your PAC file (proxy auto-config). Check with your network administrator if you need more information.)

· Manual (Enter Server URL and port for a given proxy. If login is required enter Username and Password.)

Selecting Folders

After the installation is complete, you can access the Client App Status screen any time from the taskbar “D” icon menu option.



Configure Client App using a Status screen

In the “Status” window, you will be able to select your folders and permissions preferences:



  • Note that you may need to un-check the All Folders checkbox to enable individual sub-folder selections.

  • If a subfolder is already selected, it will be identified with a dash.





  • Select/update folders to sync by clicking Folders (details on this section are in the next section).

  • Select File Types and Date Range to sync via Advanced Options.


  • Quark Content Management (Docurated) Client App currently supports the following File Types.





Status Windows

In the Status window you can:

  • View status of currently selected drives (Shared and Local) in the status Progress bar. Allow time for your initial processing to begin.

  • Select/update folders to sync.

  • Select File Types and Date Range to sync.

  • Quark Content Management (Docurated) Client App should be installed at this point and reflecting your latest specified settings for folders to sync, as well as file types/date range to sync.


Please note you can install the Client App without configuring any folders to sync. In this case, you will be able to use the Quark Content Management (Docurated). Open button functionality to open and review content.

Note: When installing the Content Access Client App on Mac, please make sure you are running Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.


Q: Do I need to install the Client App to use Quark Content Management (Docurated)?

A: No. You can use the web UI exclusively. It is recommended that you install the Client App for the full Quark Content Management (Docurated)  experience, enabling the user to access Documents directly with the “Open” button and sync local content.

Q: Can I sync the same account from multiple computers?

A: Currently you can only sync an account with one single computer.



Q: Can you upload PowerPoint templates via Client App?

A: Currently we only support PowerPoint templates uploaded via the Content Access Portal.


Add Content: Box Integration 


  • Click + Add Content menu icon.

  • Click the Box link.



  • Click Login to Box to Configure your Account.



  • Now you are re-directed Box login page.

  • Enter the email and password and click authorize button.

  • Now you will be authorized and grant access to Box.


  • Box Admins are advised to authenticate before end users.

  • Once a Box Admin authenticates, any Team structures that have been created in Box will be mirrored in Quark Content Management (Docurated).

  • The Box Admin will also have the ability to select content on behalf of the organization to sync with Quark Content Management (Docurated).

  • End users will then have this content pre-populated in their Quark Content Management (Docurated)  accounts.


Configure your Box and Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Sync Preferences

  • After logging in, you will be prompted to select your Box configuration preferences. Select the file types to sync (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Images, and Video).

  • Select the files to sync.

  • In order for content to begin syncing, Admins and end users must save changes by clicking the Save button.




  • Individual users can change the Box Admin’s content sync selection.

    • Users can add private content that a Box Admin did not sync.

    •  Users can deselect content that a Box Admin chose to sync. Deselecting content will trigger a re-indexing of content for the individual user; the user should expect to see all Box content temporarily cleared from the Quark Content Management (Docurated) user interface, and it will re-populate per the user’s new selection, as it is re-indexed.




Q: How long does it take to sync Box content?

A: Content from Box is generally scanned within a few minutes and no longer than 3 hours. However, once we crawl the new content, there can sometimes be a delay in processing it as we are constrained by the Box API.

For the simple case of a new file added to Box, it will take between 10-20 minutes to pick up new file. Certain changes to Box settings (e.g. changing folder selection) are polled every hour, and can take slightly longer to be reflected.

Q: How does Quark Content Management (Docurated)  handle Box permissions?

A: Quark Content Management (Docurated)  mirrors Box permissions. If a user can access a file in Box, they will be able to find it in Quark Content Management (Docurated).

Q: What if a user has more than one Box account?

A: Users can only sync one Box account and are not able to change which account they sync. If a user synced the wrong account in error (e.g., personal account instead of work account), please contact Quark Content Management (Docurated)  support (support@Quark Content Management (Docurated) .com).















Add Content: Salesforce Integration 

Quark Content Management (Docurated) ’s Salesforce integration enables organizations to connect their accounts and bring in documents stored in Salesforce. This can include Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Image, Video and Keynote.

With the Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Salesforce integration:

The “Open” button brings the user directly to the document in Salesforce

Files will be displayed under the filter Source: Salesforce

Underlying permissions in Salesforce are fully mirrored in Quark Content Management (Docurated) 

The SFDC Canvas application is a separate installation, which is outlined in Appendix.


  • Click the Login to Sales to Configure your Account button.




  • Now, you will be redirected to Salesforce*. Click Allow to enable the sync.

  • Salesforce may ask for your Salesforce credentials in order to log in.

Configure your Salesforce and Quark Content Management (Docurated)  sync preferences

  • You will be redirected back to Quark Content Management (Docurated) , where you will be prompted to select which types of files are processed by Quark Content Management (Docurated) .

  • Click Save button to completed Salesforce Integration.




Add Content: Dropbox Integration

Dropbox integration allows organizations to connect their accounts and collect documents stored in Dropbox. The document types include Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, Image, Video and Keynote.


  • Click Add Content menu icon and click Dropbox link.

  • Click the Login to Dropbox to configure your Account button.



  • Files displayed under filter File Type: according to their document type (PowerPoint, Word, Keynote, etc.)

  • After logging in, you will be prompted to select your Dropbox configuration preferences. Select the file types to sync.

  • Select folders or subfolders to sync.




  • Click Save button to Sync the files.

  • Underlying permissions in Dropbox are fully mirrored in Quark Content Management (Docurated) .









Add Content: Google Drive

Quark Content Management (Docurated) ’s Google Drive integration enables organizations to connect their Google Drive to Quark Content Management (Docurated)  and index files – Google Docs as well as other standard file types (Word, Excel, etc.).


The Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Google Drive integration includes:


  • Click Add Content menu icon and click Dropbox link (either the editable Google Doc version, or the Google Drive preview of non-Google Doc file formats)


  • Click Enable Google drive Sync button.




  • Files displayed under filter File Type: according to their document type (Google Doc Spreadsheet --> Spreadsheet, Google Doc Presentation -->PowerPoint, etc.)

  • You will be prompted to select your Google Drive integration preferences. Select the specific folders you want to sync from Google Drive.

  • Click Save button to Sync the files.






Add Content: PowerPoint Templates


Q: How do I know if a file is a template?

A: PowerPoint Templates have the file extension “.pot” or “.potx”.

Q: Can I upload a PowerPoint file and use it as a template?

A: No, only files saved as templates will be available to be applied to exports.

Q: Can you upload a PowerPoint template via email or the Sync tool?

A: No, currently templates can only be uploaded directly in the Content Access Portal.

Q: Can anyone upload a PowerPoint template?

A: Template upload must be enabled for individual users — giving leadership ability to limit who can upload approved templates. To enable the Template upload function, talk to your admin or the Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Success team.

Content Access Versioning

Any document which is sync from a repository or in any repository document is being updated frequently then that information is available in versioning details. The users can view the list of duplicated documents and the previous version of a file.

  • Click the versioning icon to view the details.



Q: What file types have the versioning functionality in Quark Content Management (Docurated) ?

A: Any file type supported by Quark Content Management (Docurated)  that is indexed through the Quark Content Management (Docurated)  (“Client App”) Sync tool, Google Drive or Box.

Q: How are sharing permissions handled with different versions?

A: If you are the owner of the document and it is shared with others, only versions from after the document was shared will be accessible to others. Previous versions will be listed as locked.