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Quark-Marketo Integration


Quark Marketo Integration via Quark Content Management (Docurated)  for Chrome plug in empowers marketing team to use trackable links to Quark Content Management (Docurated)  content in an email campaign, making Quark Content Management (Docurated)  a single source for all the marketing and sales collateral.

  • It Helps track how prospects are engaging not only with the email but with the content itself

  • The engagement details corresponding to the same are logged in Marketo from Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Below is an overview of Quark Marketo Integration:

Quark Content Management (Docurated)  for Chrome by Quark

Quark Content Management (Docurated)  Chrome Extension powered by Quark can be opened with underlying context Marketo to generate Marketo specific link to be sent out as a part of email campaign.


Generating context specific Document Link

Navigate to the share section of the document and see that he underlying context Marketo is automatically detected by Chrome Extension.

Click on ‘Generate Link’ and copy the unique link with appended set of parameters, which include tracking ‘Lead E-mail’ and ‘Campaign’ by default.


Use the link in email Draft

Insert the link generated for Quark Content Management (Docurated)  content with tracking parameters at desired section of email draft and share the campaign from Marketo.

Logging Activities

We log different custom activities on the top of the lead who engages with Quark Content Management (Docurated)  content shared via Marketo campaign. The activities could help marketing team to plan their lead scoring models. The activities include:

  1. Document Open: As soon as the prospect opens the document, an activity w.r.t. same is logged with following details captured as a part of the activity.

    • Campaign Name

    • Document Name

    • Lead Id

  2. Document Download: consists of number of downloads performed by lead corresponding to Lead Id and Document Name

  3. Document View Duration activity consists of view Duration for which the lead engaged with the document








Content Engagement Details

We further provide provision to log custom content engagement by Quark on lead for all the engagement that a lead performs with Quark Content Management (Docurated)  content. In order to view detailed interactions performed by lead on the content, we log details like:

  1. Document Name

  2. Document Type

  3. Campaign Name

  4. Shared URL of Document

  5. Actual Document URL in Quark Content Management (Docurated) 

  6. View Duration in Seconds

  7. Number of Downloads for the document

  8. Recipient Email

  9. View Date







Engagement Score

We have set up a custom field ‘Engagement Score’ on top of lead that adds up on the basis of engagement activities performed by the Lead. The same is an outcome of Quark Content Management (Docurated)  perspective of the Lead Score on the basis of engagement and could be added to actual lead score by marketing users.








  • Create an API user

  • Login to Admin console using administrator credentials.

  • Go to the “Users and Roles” section.

  • If a user with role “API User” is not available, create a new User

  • In the Permissions section, provide the mandatory permissions for API User.

  • Edit the role for API User and provide following set of permissions. “Access to • API” is a mandatory set of permissions.

  • Create a web service

  • In the Admin Console, go to Integration > Launch Point.

  • Create a new service with following values

  • Go to “View Details” section and extract client ID and client secret.


    • Create custom activity

    • Go to Admin > Custom Activity > Create.

    • Create the following three activity types with exact API Names:

    • Create custom object

    • Go to Admin Console > Marketo Custom Object.

    • Create a new custom object as with exact API names:

    • Create the exact fields of custom object as:

    • Create the second custom object as:

    • Create the fields of second custom object as:

    • Create custom field.

    • To configure the Engagement Score

    • Go to Database Management > Field Management > Click New Custom Field.