Content Access Portal

Searching for Content 

The search functionality allows the user to search any document based on keyword/filtered search. In this section, we will show you how to use the search function most effectively.

We have two primary forms of search:

  • Keyword Search: Keyword search allows you to search using the Filename, Author, and using a specified string. Keyword search is available in most areas of the Content Access Portal. The Keyword search allows searching in the file name or file content and topics.

  • Filtered Search: Filters allow users to search the content with some restrictions, users can select the specified filters and apply them to their search. Use filtered search to refine your search results.

Keyword Search 

  • Enter the search keyword in the search bar to find the file.



Filtered Section 

Filtered search allows the user to set filters and restrict their search to particular documents or pages.

  • Specify your filter criteria on the Search Results Page that opens after you perform a keyword search.

  • Filters are configurable at the Organization level, users can have the completed set of filters for their organization.





  • Filters are Configurable and vary from organization to organization.

  • Users can Save filters as default filters. Whenever, the user searches these default filters will be applied.

  • Select any filter and click the Save Filters option.



Date Filters

Users can select the date filter for days, weeks, months, quarters, years, and also set Custom date ranges. 


  • Users can also view the document count from date filters.



File Format

Here is the list of multiple file formats we support. Users can upload Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Mixed, Idoc, Video, Images, and Keynote file types.

Interactive docs are HTML 5 packages.





Users can configure file attributes inside the repository, you can map the attributes to the content access system. When the content is sync inside the system, the attributes will also sync inside the system.


  • Click the Edit metadata option to enter the attribute values.



  • Enter the required attribute values.










Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option gives the users enhanced searchability like google search.

  • For Advanced results, the user can click the advanced search icon as shown below.


  • Enter the search terms and click the search button to find advanced results.



  • The search results can be sorted where there are different sorting options available. Users can select any sorting function.


  • The search results are shown using an AI/ML-based algorithm which considers multiple factors link freshness of the documents, activities performed on the document, downloads, shares, views, etc.

  • We support Deep search where the keyword is searched inside the content, user can view the pages where the keyword is contained.

Note: Filters are configurable at the organization level.

How can we perform exact/narrow search?

At Homepage in search bar, Click on Quick Help.