Content Access Portal

Mobile App - iOS

Go to iOS App Store and download Quark Content Enablement App on your iOS mobile.

App Downloading

Once App is downloaded, user can open the app by clicking the open button

Login to your Quark Content Management (Docurated)  account using email, password, click Remember me check box (Select Remember Me checkbox to stay logged in for up to 60 days.)


The mobile app has all the similarities which have in the Content Access Portal. The landing page is similar which is responsive to mobile devices. All the sections are available on the mobile devices.

The following menus are a part of Mobile App.

Note: Admin options are not allowed in the App

Note: Presenter, Analytics, Add content, Admin pages – all are not part of Mobile apps.

Offline Functionality

The additional functionality which the app provides is the offline functionality. If you select any document, there is an option “available offline”. It adds to your offline view.

Document Offline

Click the Available Offline to make the view the document in Offline mode

My Collection Offline

All the documents present in the collection are available Offline. Offline Functionality works by device storage.

  • Go to Offline mode and view the documents available offline.

  • Tap the document and view the presenter option

  • The Mobile App user experience by allowing users to select multiple documents for offline availability.

  • View Collection and documents in presenter view (Show Presenter) when user is online whereas presenter view is applicable to documents when user is offline

  • Presenter view is also applicable for collections saved in offline folder.







  • When user is offline, presenter view is only applicable to documents i.e. offline Presenter is supported for documents and collections.

  • Re-ordering of documents in collection is applicable on all mobile devices.

  • Live Presentation is not available for offline presentation.


There is a Sync option in Offline mode, whenever the user is in online mode and launch the app, it will sync the documents from the server. Whenever there is an update to document or metadata, then it will sync to your offline documents. If the document is removed, then it is also removed from the offline mode.


  • All the documents marked as Favorites can be made Offline.



Online Mode

All the options are available in Online Mode, Live Presentation is available