Content Access Portal


Users can get the insights of the document when it is shared, the presenter section allows the users to get analytics for previously shared presentations. The analytics of the previously shared presentation will be available for up to 30 days. Users can set from and to dates and, get the insights.

  • Click the Presenter menu icon, there are two types of analytics.

  1. Presenter Analytics:

  2. Marketing Analytics:



Presenter Analytics

Presenter Analytics can been viewed for:

  • Document

  • Collection



  • If you have shared a document and want to view the presenter analytics, then you have to select the Presenter tab and select Document option, custom date, search in all groups, and users.

  • Users can use the options like group by file, unopened files, export.




  • You can see the time the viewer has spent on the document and the pages they opened.




  • Users can view the number of views, recipients, documents shared, documents viewed, the number of downloads, and time.



  • Similarly, the user can select the Collection and view the insights.

Marketing Analytics

In the Marketing Analytics user can view the insights of different campaigns, various platforms, the sender of the link, and recipients (to whom the link shared with).



Note: Marketing Analytics tab will be available to only Marketing Admins, only admin can view the analytics of the documents shared via Marketing platforms.



Live Presentation 

Live Presentation allows the presenter to give a live presentation of the document to other users. This section is valid for both documents and collections.

  • Select the documents and click the three dots on the right-hand side.

  • Select the Show Presenter option.



  • Now select the Live Sharing link, copy the link and share it with the user to whom you are giving a presentation.

  • You can also send this link by email.



  • Select the Link Settings to configure the following Presenter and Notification Settings for the presentation.



  • If you enable Notification settings, then you will receive every notification of the user action when they join and open the document.


  • The presenter can switch the user pages and control the flow of the presentation remotely.

  • If you want to share more documents, then you can share your collection from My collections list.


  • All the functionalities are similar to the live presentation of the document.


Q: What file types can I share via live presentation?

A: The file type that is supported by Quark Content Management (Docurated) can be shared via live presentation.

Q: Will a user be able to access the presentation after the link expires?

A: No, live presentation links expire 24 hours after being generated.

Q: What file types can be downloaded in presentations created from the Clipboard.

A: If the presentation was created using the Clipboard, we currently only support PPT and PDF files types for download.


You cannot override permissions set in Google Drive or Box. If a given document was previously shared from Google Drive or Box, and you attempt to change permissions in Quark Content Management (Docurated) via “Manage Access”, the original permissions from Google Drive or Box will be maintained and restored on the next repository scan.