Content Access Portal


In this section, users can view various features that are available for a document.

  • Open

  • Share

  • Rating

  • Document details

  • Version details

  • Copy to Clipboard

  • Manage Access

  • Topics

  • Collections

  • Show Presenter

  • Add to Spotlight

  • Curate Content

  • Clipboard

  • Favorite

  • Edit Poster Image

  • Edit Metadata

Preview document

Any document can be previewed before it is opened completely, a full-page preview is available for the document. Users can navigate by using arrow keys from any device including mobile.

Display Options

There are two types of display options

Grid View


Snippet View




  • There are many options available when the user opens a document (share, open, no. of views, no. of downloads, document details, full screen view, etc.)



Users can add a rating for each document and add aggregate value is shown for each document on the tile. They can rate by selecting the stars out of 5.

  • Click the Rating icon and start giving the rating.



  • The aggregate rating value for each document will be is shown as follows.



Manage Documents

When users delete a document then it is archived and not visible to the user. The user can restore the document.

  • Click the profile menu and select Manage Documents.



  • On Manage Documents page, users can view details like Documents, Owner, Updated at, Source, and Restore.

  • Click Restore button to un-archive the document.







  • Click the OK button to restore the document.



Manage Access

In this section, users can manage access to the document by configuring the permissions.

  • Open a document and select manage access option.


  • Add/remove users and groups, click send an email to newly added users checkbox, and add comment (optional).

Visual Indicator

The Visual Indicator indicates the new and updated documents with a visual indicator. Any document added or updated in the last 7 days will have this visual indicator. This indicator is available in all search and browses user interfaces.


Add documents to Collection

This section allows the user to add documents to collections for non-topic users. It will keep a track of the number of documents when performing multi-select operations.

  • Select the multi documents on the documents page and click + Add to, a drop-down menu appears, you can select Add to Collection or Add to Topic.

  • Click Deselect all options to deselect the selected documents.

Content Personalization

If you want to personalize the content for a user, then you can do it in two ways.

  • Curate Content

  • Smart Decks

Curate Content: The user can clip the whole document or clip only required slides to the clipboard to curate the document.

  • Open a document and click the Show thumbnail icon.


  • Now thumbnails of all the slides of the document are opened, click the clip icon to pin the slides to the clipboard.

  • Users can clip the whole document to the clipboard.


Extract Content: This option helps users to extract content, images, charts of the page.

  • Click the extract icon to extract text, images, charts in the slide.



  • Select the text and click the clip icon to copy it to the clipboard.



Note: Users can clip the content, clip a page, clip the entire content on the page.

Smart Decks

In smart decks, we create some personalized PowerPoint templates. Users can modify the custom templates by using the personalized option.

  • Open a PowerPoint document and click personalize button.



  • Enter the Document variables like Presenter name, Presenter Title, Date, etc.

  • In the Export options section, enter the File name and select file format either as PDF or PPT in "export as" option.




  • Once you select the export as option then the document will be personalized and opened in your system with the changes made. You can download if required.



In the clipboard workspace, all the content, images, charts that are extracted and copied from the document is available in the clipboard section.

  • Click the Clip icon to navigate to the clipboard workspace.




In the clipboard dashboard, we have many options. All the content, documents, images, text which is can be used as follows.

  • Share

  • Export

  • Save

  • Delete

Share: The share option allows the users to share the clipboard document using the following options.

  • Click the share button to share the document in the below formats.



Open file in Presenter: This section allows users to immediately start the live presentation of the document.



Send a Link: This section allows users to send link to participants and receive notifications when they join.



Create a File: This section allows users to create a file and save it to the content access portal.



  • Enter the file name and click the save button.



  • Users can share the document or empty the clipboard.




  • Users can share the document while managing the access by selecting the users and groups.

  • Click the checkbox to email newly added users.

  • Add comments (optional).

  • Click Submit button.

Export: The export option allows the users to export the document to PDF and PPT formats.

  • Click the Export option to export the document.




  • Enter the name and select the preferred file format to export the document.



  • Now all the clipped pages, text, images, charts in the clipboard can be exported to pdf or PowerPoint.

Save: Empty option allows the users to delete the document from the clipboard.

  • Click the save option to save the document.



  • Enter the file name and click save button.



Empty: Empty option allows the users to delete the document from the clipboard.

  • Click the empty option to delete the files.







Note: Users can reorder the slides in the clipboard.