Content Access Portal


Topics allow users to quickly curate and categorize documents together. Users can search within a topic(s) or can use topics as a filter. You can tag your content so that it can be categorized.


Topics are available on the topics page. Users can Edit the topic, edit markup, manage access and delete a topic.


Create a New Topic

  • Click the Topic menu icon and click the New Topic button to create a new topic.


  • Enter the Topic name, summary, select category, and click submit button.

  • Users can Create & Add New category instantly while adding a new topic.



  • Categorize the content and documents to navigate easily using topics.


    We have different navigation menus; all these are topics.


    Tag a document to Topic

    You can tag your document to a topic so that all the documents related to that topic will group in the related topic list.


    • Like we assign a collection to a document, we can assign a topic to the document.

    • Select a document and click the three dots on the right-hand side and select the Topics option.


    Now you can select the required topic to classify and group the content. 

  • If you select a topic, then it shows all the documents tagged for that topic. This option helps to categorize the content or documents so that it is easy to navigate and search.




Edit Topic

Users can edit a topic by choosing the edit option.

  • You can edit the topic name, summary, categories and select the preference and click submit button.

  • When you define a new menu item then you can create a category, sub-category and inside a category, you can have a topic.

  • Recommend this topic refers to any content which is added to this topic will be recommended.

  • If you don’t want to share the document with external users, then you can select Internal use only.


    Note: During the onboarding of the organization they can select the option whether to share the internal documents with an external user.



  • Internal documents are tagged with an internal banner and the share option is not available.




  • The topics page is customizable and you can provide your markup for the page.

  • Click the Edit Topic markup icon to change the banner, alignments, fonts, etc.



  • You can use HTML 5 markup.


  • Click the set permissions icon to set permission to a topic.







  • You can Add/Remove users and send emails to newly added users.

  • Users can delete a topic by clicking delete icon.


  • Click OK button to delete the topic.



  • You can sort documents within topic by selecting the sorting options.


  • Select the display options of your choice to display in a grid view or snippet view.




  • We have filter options in Topics, you can select the attributes and narrow down your search.



Recommend Topic (default)

Recommend topic refers to the content which is added to the recommended list. When you create a topic you can click recommend this content option to get in the featured list.


  • Click View Topic to navigate to a topic page

  • Click follow icon to follow the topic. If there is any update about a topic, then the user will be notified via email.






Manage Access to Topics

Organizations can either be Locked or Unlocked as controlled by admins in their admin console. By default, new organizations are set to Unlocked unless otherwise specified.

Lock/Unlock Admin Configuration: Admins have access to the admin panel, they can lock/unlock organizations. New organizations are unlocked until further notification.


  • Click profile menu, a drop-down menu is displayed, select Manage Organization Settings.







  • Enable/disable to lock/unlock admin configurations.




In the Locked state only admins have access toshare or un-share the spaces and topics.

  • Users can create new topics for personal use.


In the Unlocked state, users can share any space or topic that they have access to any individual User, a Team, or the Organization.

  • Users only have access to view the topics they created and shared.

  • Users can view all the topics and spaces shared with them.

  • Any space added to a topic will be granted permission according to whom the topic is shared with.

  • The topic Granter can revoke permission.

  • An admin user has access to remove sharing permissions for space or topic which is shared through Content Access (not permissions granted by, for example, Box).


Q: Once I map a folder to a topic, how quickly should I expect documents to show up under that topic?

A: The documents will show up under a topic immediately after mapping your folder to that topic.

Note: Note- In order to map a folder to a topic, users will need to reach out (Quark Content Management (Docurated) team.

Q: Can I map the same folder to multiple topics?

A: No, you can only map a single folder to a single topic. However, you can map multiple different folders to the same topic.

Q: Which content sources can I currently map to topics?

A: Currently you are only allowed to map folders synced by the Client App. If you want to map folders from other content sources, reach out to the  Quark Content Management (Docurated) Success Team.