Content Access Portal

Home Page

Once the user logged in using their credentials then they are redirected to the Content Access Portal Home page as follows:

In the home page there are various menus available.

Navigation Menu: Navigation menus are customizable menus.

Profile Menu: In profile menu there are several other menu options available.

Search Bar: Search bar allows the user to search for documents

Notifications Icon: It will alert the user about the actions performed.


Navigation Menu

In the Content Access Portal, different Navigation menus are available which are completely customizable at the Organization level, Team level, or User level.


Manage Navigation


Manage Navigation menu lets you create, edit, delete your navigation menus.


  • Click the profile icon and select Manage Navigation Menu.

  • Click the New Menu button to add a new Menu.




  • Enter the Name of the new Menu.



  • These are settings whether you want to make it default for the Organization or your teams.


    Add a Top-level Navigation Item:

    The top-level Navigation button helps the user to create new navigation menus on the top-level.

    • Click Add A Top-level Navigation Item button to add a new top-level navigation menu.

    • Click the Edit icon to enter a new name or edit the name.


  • Enter the name and click the save button to save the navigation item or cancel.


Add a Category or Topic


Once you create a navigation item then the user can create a category or topic, user can create any number of Categories or Topics.

Create Topics then tag your content to the Topic. Inside a category, the user can create sub-categories.


  • Click the + icon to add a new Category or Topic.

  • Now, a pop-wizard is displayed, to add a topic select Add Topic button, to add a category select Add category button.

  • Click Cancel if you don’t want to add a topic or category.




Note:The document can only go inside a topic.

Note: Topic and Category are different from each other.


Add Topic allows the users to add a topic in the top-level navigation item.

  • Click the +icon to Add topic, a pop-up wizard appears, please find or create a new topic.


  • Users can select the topic from the drop-down menu or create a new topic.




Note: All the content goes into Topic.


Add Category allows the users to add categories in the top-level navigation item. Inside a category again user can add topic and sub-category.

  • Click the +icon to Add category, a pop-up wizard appears, please find or create a category.


  • Users can add topics and categories in the Categories menu.



Add column section allows users to add multiple columns.

  • Click Add Column button to create multiple columns.








Users can add the document to the featured item when they want to showcase their sample work to their team or their organizations.




Add documents to the feature section 


Add to Spotlight


Add to Spotlight option enables to highlight a document to users by profile. By using Add to spotlight option, the documents are included in the featured section.


  • Select a document and click the three dots on the right-hand side.


  • The following drop-down menu is displayed, select Add to spotlight option.



  • It will ask you to enter descriptions, link of the document, update or remove an image, and select permissions to whom you want to share the document with the entire organization, or with a particular profile.




Manage Spotlight


In Manage Spotlight section, you will be able to add or delete new spotlight items, edit or delete documents in the spotlight, select groups.




The documents in the Popular section are widely used across the organization. Based on the AI/ML algorithms, multiple factors are taken under consideration like views, shares, no. of downloads, ratings, etc.



New & Updated

Any new document that is entered into the system or updated is listed in the New & Updated section.




Recently Viewed

Any document which is recently opened and viewed is listed in the Recently viewed section.