Content Access Portal


Users can create a collection dynamically and add the documents to the collection. This section allows the users to create a library and keep documents. They can share the collection with specified users and groups.


























Create Collection


  • Click the Collections icon, and now click the +New Collection button.



  • Enter the collection name, description, update the image and click Submit button.




  • The Collections are listed as follows.





  • Users can search Collection using the options name, date, files, and keywords.



  • Now, select any document and click the three dots on the right-hand side.

  • Use Collections to classify folder to copy the document to My collections folder.

  • Click Submit button.
















Edit Collection

Edit collection allows users to edit the collection to update image, name and description.








Share Collection

  • The documents in My Collections are accessible to the user.

  • The user can share the document with other groups, the user, or an organization.

  • Click the Share option to share your collection to a user, group, or entire organization using a link or email.


  • Select the Link tab, enable the toggle button and click generate link button.

  • Copy the generated link and share it with the user.





  • Click the Email tab, enter email in send to, enter subject and message.

  • If you want to receive a notification about email, then enable Receive Notification.

  • Set expiration date, shared link will not be accessible after that expired date.

  • If you want the user to download the document then you can enable allow downloads.

  • The UI will show the sorted usernames in the email user interface. A sorted list of usernames will be shown following sorted groups.












Shared with me

This section refers to the collections that are shared with you by the users.




  • You can edit markup for your collections. When you visit that collection page the markup can be viewed.


Collection Presenter View

Select Show Presenter to view collections in presenter view.

  • Go to My collections, select a collection and select the Show Presenter option.



  • The Presenter View for Collections is as follows.