Effortlessly convert documents into websites and interactive digital experiences

Create responsive website designs with QuarkXPress. Increase your content engagement through interactivity with multimedia elements like slideshows, videos, and animations.


Export any of your documents into a web page

Very easily you can export any QuarkXPress document into a web page with a single click. Using a HTML web page can make your project more responsive. View your content across a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


Create HTML5 flex websites without coding skills

No coding skills are required to create HTML5 flex websites. Create and produce consistent layouts, using our flex page builder templates to assist you in creating web pages.


Get immediate browser previews of your project

Instantly use your desired browser for immediate previews of your work. Across different sections, you can test content changes quickly, enabling you to stay in sync with your project development.


Enhance your work using multimedia elements

Be extraordinary using interactive elements such as videos, slideshows, and animations. Provide an engaging experience to your audience by sharing your ideas in a visual appealing way.


Publish a digital book using QuarkXPress

Generate reflow and fixed e-books, Kindles, apps (for Android and iOS) and HTML publications. Publish your content digitally to provide fantastic user engagement using multimedia elements.

Latest features and updates

Why Quark?

Ability to convert print publications to digital formats, including responsive design and interactivity.

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Prepaid Annual Subscription

Get an annual subscription of QuarkXPress giving you the software, with upgrades, updates and technical support, for as long as your subscription is active.

Perpetual License

Get creative freedom as our software is owned by you indefinitely, with all the work you create using it. This includes one year of our maintenance and support plan entitling you to upgrades, updates and technical support.

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