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S2 E3: What’s Our Ideal Content Technology Strategy and Who Should Be Involved in Defining It?

23:42 | 03.10.2023

S2 E2: Why Are XML Schemas So Critically Important to Enterprise Content?

19:02 | 05.09.2023

S2 E1: Can Enterprises Realistically Execute Their Content Strategies at Scale?

17:27 | 04.08.2023

S1 E5: The Mindset Shift: Are You Creating Legal Documents or Legal Content?

16:27 | 09.05.2023

S1 E4: What is Omnichannel Publishing and Why Should I Care?

15:59 | 12.04.2023

S1 E3: How Do Life Sciences Companies Keep Content Compliant?

16:41 | 07.03.2023

S1 E2: Do Automated Workflows Enhance Content Collaboration?

14:03 | 07.02.2023

S1 E1: What the Heck is Modular Content?

18:00 | 12.01.2023

About the Podcast

The world of enterprise content is changing. So we’re bringing our popular Close the Content Loop series to you as a podcast for the first time. So now you can take us with you when you’re walking your dog or sitting in the car.

Join Quark’s Emerson Welch and Sam Courtney, as they discuss all things enterprise content creation, automation and intelligence. The episodes feature interviews with experts in content lifecycle management from a variety of industries and job roles.

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