Show Me the Money: The Role of Content in B2B Revenue Growth
We all know happy customers are repeat customers – a particularly important point in this age where renewing business is as crucial as winning it in the first place. Whether for new buyers or existing customers, delivering compelling content is a critical way to keep them engaged. That engagement links to revenue generation by providing real-time content intelligence within an ongoing information exchange: prospects and customers get the information they need to make decisions, and vendors gain insight into what content is influencing selection. It’s no wonder that, according to our Forrester’s 2022 Global Marketing Survey, marketing leaders indicate that creating audience-centric content that addresses the full customer lifecycle is top priority. Attend this webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Phyllis Davidson to learn:

  • The key components of an audience-centric content strategy.
  • Best practices to follow at each stage of the content lifecycle to drive engagement.
  • The metrics schema to consider in connecting content to revenue.

Source: Forrester 2022 Global Marketing Survey

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Phyllis Davidson

Guest Speaker

Phyllis Davidson

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

An experienced Silicon Valley B2B marketer, Phyllis has worked across multiple marketing disciplines in large and small technology companies as well as at PR and advertising agencies and as a consultant. With storytelling as her core skill, she has built and executed global thought leadership and campaigns programs for brand building and demand generation, executive and merger and acquisition (M&A) communications, and content strategy and architecture. At Forrester, Phyllis helps clients with content and communications innovation as well as process and program strategy and development.