Skincare Products Company Helps Consultants Deliver Compelling Customer Experiences with Quark Docurated

Skincare Products Company Helps Consultants Deliver Compelling Customer Experiences with Quark Docurated


Skincare Products


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Fast adoption: The platform is intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of training, which allowed sales consultants to get comfortable with Quark Docurated from just a 15-minute intro video session.

Easy to use: A highly visual interface makes it easy and quick for consultants to browse for product information.

Results: Quark Docurated empowers consultants to tell a tailored story that makes them more trusted when it comes to customer’s health and beauty.


The incoming CTO inherited a labyrinth of file-share, cloud storage, CRM, local drives, intranets, wikis and mobileapps all hosting content for the firm’s sales force of 100,000 independent consultants who sold directly to customer. The company is based in San Francisco and sells anti-aging creams, vitamin D supplements and other health and beauty aids.

The company’s mission was to use technology to increase social selling, boost consultant’s productivity and “give skincare buyers access to a virtual dermatology experience.” However, consultants in the field were drowning in a flood of messaging, product and sales training information, and the leading prestige skincare brand was showing their first signs of deceleration.

The Challenge

With responsibility for growing the brand through technology, the CTO’s team needed to deliver a simple-to-use experience that would facilitate compelling customer and consultant experiences. They knew from experience that a rip and replace option or rolling out yet another document management system would not be successful.

Quark Docurated helps me hone the narrative of my own story. This helps me forma personal connection with my customers.

– Skincare Sales Consultant

Why Quark Docurated?

In less than two weeks, Quark Docurated was deployed as a content intelligence layer with a completely customized user interface on top of the company’s existing document storage, email and CRM systems. Quark Docurated allowed marketing and enablement to see and understand everything about their content and gave consultants a “single source-of-truth” so they could have precise customer interactions.

With an intuitive browsing experience and world-class search functionality, consultants can quickly find what they are looking for. Consultants share videos and documents directly from Quark Docurated, or save documents to their favorites or to a mobile device to reference later, even in situations where internet access is not available.

Faster onboarding

Consultants became 25% faster.

Reduced sales support costs

Consultant calls to sales support have declined by 71% since Quark Docurated was implemented.

Positive experience

98% of attendees of a consultant’s event stated they had a positive, personalized experience and would recommend it to a friend.


Quark Docurated gave management complete visibility into what content was used by consultants — including how it was presented to clients, and the outcomes of those presentations.


The new CIO reported, “There is noway our consultants can perform their jobs without Quark Docurated.”

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