How This Asset Management Company Accelerates Time to Market of Compliant Fund Marketing Docs


This multinational financial services corporation manages a diverse range of documents, from product lists to fund factsheets, for different regional audiences. Their previous approach was complex, using Microsoft Office tools and specific point solutions, along with various content repositories. They needed a solution to help automate their fund marketing content processes and ensure regulatory compliance, and that it could be adopted without disrupting their existing workflow.

Why Quark

Today, Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) combined with Quark Docurated streamlines their fund marketing document workflow to create approximately 100 new documents daily with reduced effort, compared to around 5 documents per day previously. They benefit from structured content authoring and rapid assembly of compliant documents. For example, Product Lists have reduced document update time by more than half. Docurated serves as a central hub for over 200 users who rely on it to easily share and track content engagement.

Content Management System


  • Faster time-to-market of Fund Marketing content, producing up to 100 documents per day, where previously they produce five documents per day.

  • Faster versioning of content, with thousands of documents able to be updated as required within one week, whereas previously it would take 15 days.

  • Improved customer experience, as all compliance-approved documents are easily accessible, searchable and shareable from one central repository.

The Problem with Manual or Siloed Content Workflows

Ensuring compliance in fund marketing content is a significant challenge for Asset Management companies. Without a structured approach that streamlines and automates content production and management, you can face several challenges.

Inaccuracies Due to Dispersed Data
Dispersed data across various sources can lead to inaccuracies in financial documents, risking errors in critical information.

Error-Prone Manual Data Export
Relying on manual data export from Excel and Word is error-prone, potentially leading to data inconsistencies and compliance issues.

Poor Collaboration
Slow collaboration through email and phone can hinder decision-making, document approvals, and timely responses to market changes.

Version Control Risks
Poor version control can pose regulatory risks as outdated or incorrect versions of financial documents may be disseminated, potentially leading to non-compliance issues.

High Production Costs
Complex translations increase production costs significantly, impacting the overall operational efficiency and profitability.

Loss of Competitive Edge
Delays in document creation and regulatory submissions can result in missed market opportunities and a diminished competitive position.

Why Quark for Fund Marketing?

QPP NextGen helps you provide clients with the right content, wherever they are, and on any device. QPP’s centralized CCMS repository and structured content authoring tools ensure consistent, accurate product information adaptable to various regulatory markets, languages and formats.

Structured Authoring in Microsoft Word

Structured Authoring in Microsoft Word

Create structured XML-based content in the familiar Microsoft Word environment, for easy adoption.

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined Workflows

Accelerate document completion while maintaining accuracy and compliance, and automatically pull up-to-date data into new documents ready for publishing.

Better  Collaboration

Better Collaboration

Streamlined, secure, and flexible multi-user collaboration, to create, review, and approve content within deadlines and across multiple locations and permission levels, via a centralized platform.

Centralized Content  Repository

Centralized Content Repository

Eliminate duplication, automate content reuse, and facilitate efficient collaboration with a centralized single-source CCMS repository.

Managing Translation and Localization

Managing Translation and Localization

Automate the creation of localized and translated variations of documents for publishing on a global scale and save up to 30% on costs.

Automate Publishing

Automate Publishing to all formats

Publish documents across various channels and formats simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual reformatting to suit different channels.

Transform All Your Product and Fund Marketing Documentation

Tailored to the unique demands of the Asset Management industry, Quark excels at optimizing the management of critical financial documents. QPP NextGen specializes in streamlining the important content and document types to safeguard compliance and the seamless execution of expansive global content strategies, including:

  • Product Profiles

  • Fund Commentaries

  • Fund Reports

  • Flash Reports

  • Term Sheets

  • Daily Opinions

Fund Marketing

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