Great AI Expectations

Nearly 90% of respondents expect AI to benefit or significantly benefit their content strategy, offering competitive advantage.

In this 2024 IDC InfoBrief Sponsored By Quark, 600+ enterprise content professionals report their top AI opportunities and challenges. Learn how your peers plan to use AI for their documentation.

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Identify Content Keywords

Eliminate Effort on Manual Keyword Tagging

Quarky analyzes content components and suggests the relevant metadata tags that can be instantly applied, enabling writers and subject-matter experts to automatically add one or multiple keywords in just a few clicks. Having correctly and thoroughly tagged content leads to improved content searchability and reuse.

Generate Content

Speed Up Content Authoring with Automated Narratives 

Save time by using Quarky to generate first draft or base content copy that can be edited next by the author. All of this takes place inside the structured content authoring window in Microsoft Word or a Web browser. 

Generate Content
Summarize Conten

Summarize Content

Reduce Time Spent on Reworking Content 

Quarky uses AI to intelligently summarize lengthy content components into a succinct introduction, overview or executive summary. You can even store this summary as a reusable content component in the CCMS repository and reuse it in multiple places. 

Translate Content

Save Time and Automate Multi-Language Translations

With Quarky, you can use AI to quickly translate a content component into another language ready for human review or publishing. Translations are triggered by the author easily from within the Microsoft Word or Web browser authoring tool.

Translate Content
Quality-Check Content

Quality-Check Content

Streamline Content Checks for Consistency, for All Writers

Quarky checks for spelling, grammar, readability, conciseness and more to help you stay consistent. This is especially helpful when collaborating or co-authoring content components with multiple writers and stakeholders.

Take Control of Your Content Lifecycle Management

Automate your publishing operations, including authoring, template design, component storage, review/approval and omnichannel publishing Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen.  Whatever your corporate or industry requirements, QPP provides cost-effective development of content components and supports their management, assembly and publishing to meet different needs for engaging, format-specific design and interactivity across a variety of channels.