How This Leading Agrochemical Manufacturer Streamlined Regulatory Compliance with Efficient Structured Authoring


The organization needed to meet changing agricultural product label regulations in over 100 countries, with extensive documentation for product safety to obtain and maintain registrations. To meet these content needs effectively for regulators, customers, and vendors, they sought a new solution that could help avoid costly content errors and delays.

Why Quark

Quark Publishing Platform, was the solution for structured authoring and publishing. The centralized platform seamlessly integrated with their existing systems to effectively manage labeling and regulatory documents, enhancing compliance and efficiency. The platform has accelerated time to market and also improved label quality through streamlined publishing.

Content Management System


  • Improved regulatory communication and timely submissions in the required formats.
  • Achieved a standard and efficient centralized documentation process across globally.
  • Eliminated human errors and improved regulatory compliance across global operations.

The Problem with Manual or Siloed Content Workflows

Compliant content is one of the biggest challenges for Agrochemical companies. Without a structured content approach, you can face severe challenges:

Regulatory Compliance Failure Manual and static authoring processes are prone to errors, increasing the risk of regulatory compliance breaches, potentially leading to fines, legal actions, and product recalls.
Market Delays Outdated authoring processes can lead to delays in bringing pharmaceutical products to market, resulting in lost opportunities and revenue.
Increased Costs Inefficient content creation processes, duplication of efforts, and errors increase operational costs due to rework, additional resources, and missed opportunities.
Limited Scalability Without a centralized platform, scaling content creation and adaptation for global markets becomes challenging, hindering expansion efforts.
Operational Inefficiencies Manual workflows slow down processes, reducing operational efficiency, can lead to miscommunications and errors and preventing teams from focusing on higher-value tasks
Loss of Competitive Edge In a competitive industry, delays in document creation and regulatory submissions can result in missed market opportunities and a diminished competitive position.

Why Quark for Label Documentation and Regulatory Submission Packs?

For product registration, we understand the challenge to produce accurate documentation that proves safety for workers, the environment, crops and consumers. Especially across multiple countries and market regulators. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen streamlines the entire label process from content creation to distribution. QPP’s centralized CCMS repository and structured authoring tools ensure consistent, accurate product information adaptable to various regulatory markets, languages and formats.
Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined Workflows

Accelerate document completion while maintaining accuracy and compliance, and automatically pull up-to-date data into new documents ready for publishing.

Structured Authoring

Structured Authoring in Microsoft Word

Create structured XML-based content in the familiar Microsoft Word environment, for easy adoption.

Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Allow users and stakeholders to collaborate on the same document simultaneously, via a centralized platform to ensure efficient production of high-quality documentation.

Centralized Repository

Centralized Repository

Eliminate duplication, automate content reuse, and facilitate efficient collaboration with a centralized single-source CCMS repository.

Omnichannel Publishing

Omnichannel Publishing

Automatically publish the document to multiple formats at the same time to cuts the time and effort required.

Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Maintain an audit trail of content changes, ensuring traceability and transparency, which is vital for compliance and quality control.

Transform All Your Mission-Critical Agrochemical Content

Tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of the Agrochemical industry, QPP NextGen specializes in the creation of vital content and document types crucial for ensuring product safety, regulatory compliance, and the flawless execution of expansive global content strategies. This includes:
  • Labelling documentation
  • Technical and competitor active ingredient profile documents
  • Product Profile Documents
  • Research Profile Documents
  • Regulatory Submission Packs
  • Dossier Documents
Content Management System

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