The Quark Story

A quark is a type of elementary particle and a fundamental component of all matter. So if a quark – in science – is the basis for all matter then Quark – the company – is the basis for all content. Quark Software, now privately held by Parallax Capital Partners, was established in 1981 and is best known for QuarkXPress. But we’re building on our 40-year legacy in content design to focus on closed-loop content lifecycle management, which also includes content automation and content intelligence.

Our Vision

We want our software at your fingertips when your imagination is sparked and that “a-ha” moment results in brilliant content. We also want to help you share your content with the world through omnichannel publishing and delivery at scale. And finally, we want to help you know that your content works, that it resonates with your key audiences. Together, we can transform content lifecycle management so your organization can benefit from:

Digital Transformation

A Single Source of Truth


Better Customer Experiences

Faster Return on Content

Lower Cost

Our Brand Promise

Brilliant content
that works.

Quark helps customers infuse creativity, automation and intelligence into every stage of omnichannel content development, publishing and delivery to ensure quality, increase productivity, reduce costs, and meet corporate and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Solutions

With Quark software the blank screen gives way to brilliant content – brilliant in terms of design aesthetic brilliant in terms of strategic business use and brilliant in terms of intelligence to improve performance. Therefore our solutions empower:

Robust page layout

with integrated tools for graphic design and nondestructive photo editing

Digital publishing

for creating new or converting print layouts to digital formats to broaden reach


of all content creation management collaboration and publishing processes

Intelligent analysis

of curated content to determine use and engagement for continuous improvement