The Quark Story

If a quark – in science – is a fundamental component of all matter, then Quark – the company – is a fundamental component of all content. In fact, we’ve been pioneers in professional desktop publishing and content automation for more than 40 years. Our flagship QuarkXPress software revolutionized graphic design and is still a leading choice for creative professionals and publishers around the globe. With Quark Publishing Platform, enterprises overcome content complexity and meet compliance requirements when producing and managing specialized documents. Our focus on end-to-end content lifecycle management, including content design, content automation and content intelligence, enables customers to unify and modernize their content ecosystems for greater ROI.

The Quark Story

Our Vision

When your imagination sparks that aha moment, we want our software at your fingertips. We also want to help you share your content designs and mission-critical documents with the world through omnichannel publishing. And finally, we want you to know if your content works, that it does in fact resonate with your key audiences. With Quark, you’ll produce content that powers such key business objectives as:

Digital Transformation


A Single Source of Truth




Better Customer Experiences


Our Brand Promise

Brilliant content that works.

With Quark software, the blank screen gives way to brilliant content – brilliant in terms of design aesthetic, brilliant in terms of strategic business use, and brilliant in terms of intelligence to continuously improve performance for greater content ROI.

Brilliant content

Our Solutions

Quark helps customers infuse creativity, automation and intelligence into every stage of the content lifecycle – from creation to consumption. We provide technologies to modernize your content operations and close the loop on content lifecycle management:

quarkxpress logo

The revolutionary page layout and desktop publishing software that continues to serve independent designers and creative professionals at organizations of all sizes, with unmatched digital publishing capabilities

quark publishing platform logo

The next generation of content automation software that unifies the entire content ecosystem to meet current needs and scale for future demands, with structured authoring tools, a component content management system, and omnichannel publishing

docurated logo

Content intelligence software to analyze
production metrics and consumption analytics
along with cost and impact data for insights to
improve content strategy and execution, in
addition to content aggregation and curation
for knowledge management

Quark’s History