Quark Unveils Next Generation Content Automation Software for Modern Content Lifecycle Management Across the Enterprise

  • New QPP NextGen includes built-in intelligence and compliance-controlled omnichannel publishing capabilities to transform content operations
  • Unified creation, automation and intelligence capabilities support every stage of the content lifecycle for digital transformation and other key initiatives
  • SaaS delivery model reduces content management complexity, cost and time to value

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – April 12, 2022 – Quark Software, the global provider of content design, automation and intelligence software, today released Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, a SaaS-based offering that automates every stage of content lifecycle management: creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis. Integrating the company’s core capabilities in content creation, automation and intelligence, QPP NextGen gives enterprises a powerful platform to modernize their content ecosystems to support digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and regulatory compliance.


Quark has a 40-year history in desktop and digital publishing, plus delivering automation and intelligence to produce content that works for all customers – from the independent designer to the global enterprise. QPP NextGen provides closed-loop content lifecycle management to streamline content creation processes while also ensuring compliance to improve the effectiveness of content strategies. Its flexible deployment options support organizations moving to the cloud and establishes the framework for an extensible content ecosystem that integrates with existing technology investments, including easy integration with business applications such as Microsoft Office.

“Content is critical to business success, yet organizations struggle with effectively creating, managing and delivering content that not only meets the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, but also shows ROI for their content strategies,” said Martin Owen, CEO of Quark. “We can help organizations harness the power of modularized, metadata-driven omnichannel content to fuel successful initiatives. Our QPP NexGen platform addresses every stage of the content lifecycle with tooling to drive digitization of complex, industry-specific documents, including personalization at scale and increased velocity to localized audiences.”

Creating content, making sure it’s relevant, delivering it to the right audience at the right place and time, and ensuring compliance with unique corporate and industry requirements is a modern-day odyssey. QPP NextGen empowers organizations to take a unified, modern approach to content lifecycle management that reduces the complexity, cost and guesswork inherent to enterprise content lifecycle management and infuses confidence that their content works for their business.

Key features and benefits of QPP NextGen include:

Structured authoring: Subject-matter experts can author reusable, modularized, compliance-controlled content within a universal, enterprise-wide taxonomy using familiar Microsoft Word. Content is componentized and stored in a ‘single source of truth’ central repository that is easily searchable and reusable because of XML metadata tags for easy, automated assembly of different content types.

Omnichannel publishing: Organizations can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone review-and-approve silos with automated workflows to create approved, accurate and up-to-date omnichannel content. Built-in steps for enterprise-wide collaboration foster an integrated, cooperative and scalable content management ecosystem that supports future business goals.

Content intelligence: Organizations can measure content ROI by comparing production costs with robust self-service reporting and analytics. Accurate insights about engagement and consumption empower data-driven decisions about what content should be reused, repurposed or retired.

Flexible deployment: QPP NextGen can be deployed as single- or multi-tenant SaaS or through a private cloud. It integrates with existing technologies and business applications, such as Microsoft Office, via APIs and with single sign-on (SSO) authentication, allows organizations to create an extensible and scalable content ecosystem that supports current and future business requirements.

“Given its long content-centric heritage, Quark and its end-to-end content automation solution should be given careful consideration by organizations that are evaluating a smart content management solution,” said Holly Muscolino, Group Vice President, Content Strategies and the Future of Work, IDC. “The company’s flexible, open platform of tools for closed-loop lifecycle management is particularly suited for complex business documents delivered via multiple channels.”

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