Quark Revolutionizes Content Translation, Personalization and Conversion with Newest Release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

New translation management and Smart Content conversion and workflow capabilities pave the path for enterprise content maturity

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – June 27, 2023 – Quark Software, , the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, today announced the newest release of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, its cloud-based content automation platform that simplifies the complexities associated with enterprise content lifecycle management from creation to consumption. QPP NextGen v3.1 takes content translation to the next level with new capabilities to automatically trigger translation workflows and allow users to manage translations from one centralized place. New personalization features based on metadata make it easy for content teams to automate the styling and flow of content elements, and the introduction of webhooks enables events and activities to be pushed to third-party applications to enhance ecosystem productivity. These new features, coupled with the new tool for self-converting Microsoft Word documents into structured, componentized content, fuel content lifecycle productivity and support faster time to market.


“We’re committed to addressing every barrier that is impacting an organizations’ ability to modernize their content operations ecosystem and empower creativity across all content stakeholders,” said Richard Worrell, Enterprise Product Manager at Quark. “Our continual investments in QPP NextGen are a direct result of the challenges we hear from our customers. This newest release includes features that fuel productivity by automating processes that previously took hours and days. Enterprise content teams have confidence that content created and delivered is not only personalized but also directly supports the business objective.”

According to Forrester’s report, The Content Engagement Solutions Landscape, Q2 2023, which names Quark among notable content engagement solutions vendors, “The need to optimize the customer experience has never been greater.” It goes on to state, “As content provides significant support for that experience, B2B organizations should be investigating content engagement solutions either as a platform or set of capabilities in related technologies.”

Quark long ago saw the opportunity content plays in supporting the customer journey and as a contributing factor in business success. It, too, saw that enterprises struggle with compounding content complexities such as omnichannel volume and velocity, regionalization, data input sources, translation, style and formatting, and perhaps most critical, regulatory and brand compliance. These organizations lacked the ability to know if their content operations processes were effective and support their business objectives. QPP NextGen addresses content complexity with the tools organizations need to automate each stage of the content lifecycle (creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing, analysis).

New self-service features and benefits available in the latest release of QPP NextGen include:

  • Translation Management – Organizations can produce content in multiple languages and across a variety of regions. Translations are managed at the component level in a centralized location, saving organizations time and money associated with manual translation processes.

  • DOCX Converter – Businesses manage an enormous amount of content, with much of this content only semi-structured in a .docx Microsoft Word format. QPP NextGen’s new self-conversion capability maps all this content into Quark’s Smart Content structured XML schema format, merging it into pre-configured content models, making it simple for content teams to search, select and publish the most up-to-date, compliance-controlled content components fast and understand how that content is performing.

  • Workflow Automation with Webhooks – Support for Webhooks fuels content team collaboration by extending workflow automation capabilities with new interoperability with tools such as Microsoft Teams and Planner.

  • Storage Management & Usability Enhancements – Content creators can self-manage their content storage repository and free up space by easily identifying where outdated or unused content can be removed. Improved search and terminology for content tagging features support a faster and more effective content authoring process.

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