Quark Branches into New Era of Content Intelligence with Release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen v3.0

Self-service content automation platform streamlines enterprise content workflows with deeper analytics to measure content consumption patterns

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – February 28, 2023 – Quark Software, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, today announced the newest release of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, its content automation platform designed to simplify the complexities associated with enterprise content lifecycle management from creation to consumption. QPP NextGen v3.0 takes self-service a giant step further with simplified role-based dashboards and now includes enhanced analytics capabilities to help enterprises accurately understand how published content is being consumed. Additional new features foster content team collaboration and productivity with the power to publish personalized, compliance-controlled content across any digital output fast.


“As global enterprises begin to understand the role content plays in supporting business growth, it brings to light the importance of modernizing content infrastructures and processes, and knowing how content is being consumed by their target audiences,” said Martin Owen, CEO at Quark. “Executing a successful content strategy is complex, and your content operations infrastructure is at the heart of this success. QPP NextGen has all the tools to automate each stage of the content lifecycle. For the first time, enterprises can move faster to market with compliance-controlled, omnichannel content with easy access to deep analytics to gain content consumption metrics and understand if their content really works for their business.”

According to a Forrester blog, The Quantum Physics of Future-Ready B2B Content, B2B organizations know that the digital experiences they deliver must be relevant and fueled with audience-centric content. However, fewer than 30% plan to focus on real-time, contextualized interaction capabilities in the next 12 months, although 74% recognize that buyers expect personalized interactions. Additionally, a recent IDC blog discusses the importance of organizations evaluating how they manage business content operations and the value of what they call a Unified Content Model brings to supporting their digital first business.

Quark has been in the content technology business for over 40 years and knows that content delivered must be personalized and reach the right audience at the right time and via the right device for optimal consumption. Quark understands that many organizations don’t know if their content is achieving the desired results and cannot measure true content ROI.

QPP NextGen addresses these complexities with automation capabilities to support multiple use cases with the power to manage large, complex documents at scale. Enterprises can create, manage and store structured, reusable content components with auto-generated XML metadata tags from Microsoft Word, collaborate across roles and departments to streamline reviews/approvals and eliminate duplicate efforts, and publish compliance-controlled content in multiple formats from a single source-of-truth CCMS with 100% accuracy.

New features and benefits available in the newest release of QPP NextGen include:

  • Granular Section-Level Analytics & Visual Intelligence – In addition to seeing content consumption patterns of an overall asset, organizations can understand how many individual components and sections of an asset are being consumed the most, with visibility into consumption analytics for each one. This helps organizations make smarter content creation and delivery decisions, and better understand when to reuse, repurpose or retire content. Newly available visual reports help content creators understand content success, trends and engagement patterns through easy-to-understand visuals such as charts and graphs.

  • Enriched UI – Team Collaboration and Workflow Productivity Enhancement – A personalized, streamlined UI delivers a single pane of glass view to easily address any stage – or all stages – of the content lifecycle. Users receive alerts for priority content workflows that need fast attention.

  • Interoperability of Structured Authoring Tools – To support a global workforce, content teams can collaborate in real-time between low-code / no-code Microsoft Word and Web browser authoring tools to maximize workflow productivity.

  • Version Branching – Content creators can expand content reach by creating regionalized, personalized and localized versions of content by cloning and branching off new ‘child components’ that are linked to original content.

  • Self-Service Content Modeling – SMEs can make real-time changes to content models, XML schematic architecture and format styles to support emerging document types, including regulatory changes and layout adjustments.

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