Quark Amplifies Content Consumption and Component Reuse Analytics with Newest Release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

New capabilities deliver deeper insights into usage and engagement patterns to support faster time to value of mission-critical enterprise content

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich – October 4, 2023 – Quark Software, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, today announced the newest release of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, its cloud-based content automation platform that simplifies the complexities associated with the entire enterprise content lifecycle management process, from creation to consumption, in a fully integrated CCMS.

QPP NextGen v3.2 includes new out-of-the-box content consumption and component reuse analytical reports to help enterprises uncover content engagement trends to make smarter content decisions. Also now available are advanced usability capabilities to shorten component assembly processes and accelerate time to market.


“We long ago understood the role content plays in supporting an organization’s business objective, and we also understood that you cannot execute a successful enterprise content strategy without analytics, as it’s the only way to accurately understand how that content is being consumed, if at all,” said Richard Worrell, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise at Quark. “The newest release of QPP NextGen gives enterprise content teams the required level of data insights and metrics to identify audience engagement trends and make smarter content reuse decisions to know what components to keep, reuse or retire. We won’t stop continual investments in capabilities that help enterprises measure the success or failure of their content strategies with confidence.”

New analytics features and benefits available in the latest v3.2 release of QPP NextGen include:

  • Revolutionized Content Lifecycle Analytics Capabilities – New dashboard and document-level analytics provide a visual suggestion for what components to keep, review or retire based on audience consumption patterns. This supports content team ability to maximize content reuse and improve the relevance and success of content assets.

  • Content Production Analytics – Quick-glance access into content production workflows helps ensure content operations are on track with publishing deadlines. Access to a new level of metrics shows how content operations support content strategy success with awareness into whether you are hitting – or missing – your publishing objectives.

  • A More Personalized Content Experience – New custom display capabilities make it easier for authors and subject-matter experts to personalize their omnichannel content previews prior to publishing. Previews can be tailored for different content types and applied consistently across their Microsoft Word and Web-based authoring tools.

  • Internal Content Consumption Analytics – New single-pane-of-glass visibility into how both internal and external teams interact and engage with content helps visualize how content is performing across different audiences, enabling users to adjust content accordingly and optimize engagement for specific personas and use cases.

  • Enhanced Conversion Capabilities from Microsoft Word to CCMS Components – Bolstered automated capabilities of converting Microsoft Word docs into componentized content improve content management efficiencies. Teams can easily search and access converted content components within the central CCMS repository thanks to the automatic creation and storage of content model collections, style maps and more.

Content has fast become a key contributor to business success. Organizations are creating and publishing an exorbitant amount of it to engage new audiences and sustain long-term customer relationships. Yet many organizations lack the necessary insights to know if content created and delivered is achieving the desired result.

Quark long ago saw the opportunity enterprise content presents for organizations and the role it plays in supporting business growth. The company took its 40+ years of content complexity understanding and infused it into QPP NextGen, automating every complex content management process so organizations so organizations can achieve their most important objectives – from digital transformation and customer satisfaction to regulatory compliance and revenue growth. Deep investments in AI give enterprises the opportunity to automate key areas of the content lifecycle journey with accuracy – creation, collaboration, assembly – with the power to deliver personalized, compliance -controlled content and know how that content is consumed.

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