New Quark White Paper Analyzes Three Technology Strategy Options for Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management (ECLM) Success

Explains why a platform & ecosystem approach is the answer to supporting an evolving, complex enterprise content ecosystem

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich– December 5, 2023 – Quark Software, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, today announced an essential resource to help enterprises create the right content operations infrastructure to support their future content strategy. A new white paper, “The New Era of Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management Strategies,” assesses three technology operations approaches often considered: In-House Development, Hybrid Vendor / Best-of-Breed and Platform & Ecosystem. It peels back the layers to share how enterprises evaluate these options to support their current and emerging content strategies.

The paper elaborates on the benefits of using a centralized, single-vendor automation platform that supports both current and future low-code technologies. This approach is emerging as the most secure and efficient way to facilitate an organizations’ ability to build a global, customized ecosystem to meet the emerging content needs of internal and external stakeholders.


“Content is the lifeblood of an organization, and this white paper discusses the common operations infrastructure choices so businesses can make smart content Ops decisions that will scale to support their content strategies,” said Emerson Welch, Global Vice President of Marketing at Quark. “We’ve helped hundreds of global organizations across multiple industries address their complex content challenges, particularly when regulation, automation and compliance are critical. Our ECLM platform Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, which integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem, carries the heavy lift, automating each stage of the content lifecycle and providing scalability to simplify specific enterprise use cases that have board-level significance.”

A Forrester Research Trend Report noted that “digitization at scale is necessary for true resilience and converting manual business and tools into flexible software applications is absolutely crucial – and this means custom development on the underlying platform.”

The Platform & Ecosystem approach transforms the landscape for content automation processes and workflows, opening the door for future innovation and process unification. It supports cloud deployment and low-code development with APIs while allowing the platform vendor to future-proof and maintain the core system. Developer portals and configuration tools are available to tailor the solution to meet personalized needs.

Enterprises reap the long-term benefits of an automation platform at the operations core as it makes it simple to build an ecosystem and customize it to meet the unique needs of the business. It simplifies content complexities, streamlines processes, fosters collaboration, and supports an omnichannel output to meet customer content needs and digital preferences.

Quark has utilized its 40+ years of content experience to speak to customers and assess the market requirements when developing our ECLM tool. We have taken the time to consider the three strategic options and have aligned to invest and innovate in the platform & ecosystem strategy, with Microsoft integration playing a key factor in this decision. Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen is the platform at the core, offering the most extensible, scalable technology solution for today’s enterprises to digitally transform and achieve content maturity and return on investment on a global scale.

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