What’s Our Ideal Content Technology Strategy and Who Should Be Involved in Defining It?

Nailing the right global content strategy from the boardroom is one thing, but failing to investigate the technology you need to execute it can lead to diluted ROI, especially if not fully aligned with the business use case requirements. Guest speaker Max Swisher from Content Rules, a 30-year-old independent consultancy specializing in content technology strategies, joins regular Close the Content Loop hosts Emerson Welch and Sam Courtney to identify the pros and cons of the often-conflicting options available in today’s market. They highlight the important involvement of key stakeholders such as operations managers, content authors and even graphic designers in the project, discussing the daily challenges they each face and the consequences to their roles of not getting an enterprise content strategy right or worse still, doing nothing at all.

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Guest Speakers

Max Swisher

Director of Technology, Content Rules

Max Swisher is the Director of Technology at Content Rules, Inc., where he oversees the implementation of technologies to support their customers. With years of experience in content strategy, Max provides effective content solutions for large companies in a variety of industries, including finance, high-tech, manufacturing, medical devices, and pharma. In his free time, he enjoys working on his car, playing the pipe organ, and caring for his cats Nova and Suki.