The Mindset Shift: Are You Creating Legal Documents or Legal Content?

Digital demand is forcing legal organizations to rethink their content strategies and widen their channel output. For some industries, this may be a straightforward project but for one that’s steeped in jurisdictional red tape and nailed-down processes, it’s not as easy as you think. In episode five of Close the Content Loop, Emerson and Sam are joined by special guest Gareth Oakes, chief project officer of GPSL to delve into the inherent traditions and complex content processes that exist in the legal and regulatory world, and how an important mindset shift around what you should actually be creating could hold the transformational key.

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Guest Speakers

Gareth Oakes

Chief Project Officer, GPSL

Based in Queensland, Australia, Gareth Oakes is chief project officer at GPSL a provider of structured content solutions across a range of industries including legislative, regulatory, and government publishers. GPSL has been active for 15 years with a team spread across four continents and seven countries.