People, Processes, Tech: Managing Life Sciences Content Complexity & Regulation – October 5

Content is complex business. It’s also costly – not only in terms of production costs but also when you factor in the rules and regulations that must be followed for every piece of content produced. There is no denying that life science and medtech organizations, who are on the fast track in making discoveries for the greater good, cannot afford to publish outdated, inaccurate – or worse – noncompliant content. They must modernize their content creation and collaboration approaches to support their speed to market.

Join us for an interactive session with Dr. Ray Glemser, founder of Glemser Technologies, and featured guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Kathleen Pierce, moderated by Emerson Welch, VP Global Marketing at Quark Software. They will discuss why life sciences organizations are long overdue in evaluating their content strategies and the role content automation plays in improving operational efficiencies, increasing content creation agility across teams, and paving a path to delivering timely, relevant, localized information that adheres to regulatory standards.

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for effective submission process management and techniques that verify content is in the right format before submitting

  • The benefits of shifting away from an unstructured content creation process and adopting a structured, componentized approach

  • How your team can better collaborate and manage version controls with 100% accuracy across multiple content types

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Featured Speaker

Kathleen Pierce

Kathleen is a principal analyst at Forrester, specializing in content operations and strategy. She has almost 30 years of experience in content, sales enablement, localization, UI/UX, process optimization, compliance, and taxonomy. Kathleen’s career includes B2B and B2C experience in telecom, high tech, consumer goods, and biotech. In her most recent role, she transformed the content ecosystem over 14 years, building out multiple content functions for marketing, sales, R&D, and customer experience and leading award-winning programs for content personalization, localization, and sales & support enablement.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Ray Glemser

Ray serves as the founder and chairman of the board. Dr. Glemser co-founded Glemser Technologies in 1987 and serves as a strategic advisor to clients and partners’ strategies for enterprise-wide technology, process optimization, revenue creation, compliance improvement, and realization of returns on investment based on 35 years of successfully deploying global solutions.


Emerson Welch

Emerson leads Quark’s marketing strategies and corporate positioning. With over 25 years of B2B software product marketing experience, Emerson has successfully led award-winning marketing teams for small startups, channel partners, and large enterprises.