Digital design and marketing is important for most organizations, and QuarkXPress 2022 makes it possible to meet the demands for compelling digital content – including building a website in 10 minutes! Join us for this new webinar series, based on customer requests, to learn more about flex-layout tools in addition to multi-layout, fixed websites that QuarkXPress 2022 also can help create. In these webinars, PR, branding and QuarkXPress expert Martin Turner will teach design professionals and students how to:

  • Build a flex website in record time
  • Design a bespoke multi-page website that is true to brand
  • Create designs for complex, enterprise websites

Most important, you’ll learn when each of the above is or isn’t appropriate and why or why not. And you don’t have to be experienced in web design to attend any of these webinars. Their purpose is to help you expand your expertise.

Webinar 1: The 10-Minute Website
We’ll introduce flex layouts and offer a basic explanation of how contemporary websites operate. See how to use QuarkXPress’s flex building blocks to rapidly generate a single page, in 10 minutes that will be professional, polished and ready for publishing.

Webinar 2: Design-Led Websites
We’ll explore how to use QuarkXPress’s built-in tools to build a multi-page website that is true to the design and branding you establish for clients. Ensure design decisions remain in your hands while helping IT and web teams implement them so they really match the brand and meet client objectives.

Webinar 3: Wireframing Enterprise Websites
Improve your knowledge of modern web development requirements and tools, so you’ll know how to show – not just tell – project teams how to implement your design vision. This ability can make or break a large website, so learn how to use QuarkXPress’s flex and fixed layout features to shape the project, shorten its development schedule, and improve the final result.

Guest Speaker

Martin Turner

PR Practitioner and
QuarkXPress Power User

Martin Turner is a chartered public relations practitioner with 30 years of experience in commissioning and designing print, advertising and online marketing materials. He graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English language and literature, and subsequently worked in the arts, automotive and healthcare industries before running his own consultancy in commercial branding.