Meet Quark at Bite-sized KMWorld Europe 2024 – April 10, Online.

Quark is delighted to sponsor the 2024 Bite-sized KMWorld Europe, a dynamic half-day virtual event for knowledge managers and information professionals worldwide. The online sessions will be packed with fresh insights, discussions, and stories spotlighting the latest techniques, tools, and strategies impacting knowledge in organizations across all sectors.

Our VP Global Marketing Emerson Welch will be presenting Quark to the audience following the Chair’s welcome at 9am ET.

Human Intelligence: People, Patterns & Processes

Time: 14.00 – 14.45

A discussion on leveraging new tools and techniques to enhance enterprise processes and decision-making, exploring the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Knowledge Management (KM).


Jane Dysart, Curator of Curiosity, Dysart & Jones Associates, Canada


Dave Snowden, Founder & Chief Scientist, The Cynefin Company, UK

KM Tools & Techniques

Time: 15.00 – 15.45

Dive into applications of machine learning (ML) for AI and gain insights into applying information management perspectives to AI and explore multi-lingual semantic content access.


Ivett Bene, Co-Founder & CEO, C-SYNC, The Netherlands


Chris Zielinski, Director, Partnerships, Health Information (Phi) programme, Centre for Global Health, University of Winchester, UK
Dave Clarke, Founder, Synaptica LLC, USA
Jakub Zavrel, CEO, Zeta Alpha, Netherlands

Future of Work for Successful Enterprises

Time: 16.00 – 16.45

Explore the evolving landscape of work and knowledge sharing environments and discover insights on the transformative power of AI in reshaping the nature of work and the urgent need for organiszations to adapt and innovate.


Kim Glover, Director, Internal Communications, Global, TechnipFMC, USA


Victoria Ward, Co-Founder & Chief of Ideas, Jigsaw Foresight, UK
Gary Kass, Fellow, Jigsaw Foresight, and Visiting Professor, University of Sussex, UK
Dion Hinchcliffe, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, USA

If you’re attending Bite-sized KMWorld Europe and you want to learn more about how we help simplify the creation, publishing and sharing of knowledge content with Quark Publishing Platform NextGen and AI, then check out our page to delve deeper into our solutions.