Accelerate, Augment, and Automate: How AI Can Supercharge Your Content Lifecycle

Generative AI is changing how organizations think about the technologies that support their business processes – and one of the first areas for consideration is the impact on content creation and publishing. Smart organizations are evaluating how AI can support their ability to scale and optimize their content strategies. During this session, Forrester Principal Analyst Lisa Gately will discuss the current state of AI and the value it delivers to supporting content strategies with Quark CEO Martin Owen and VP of Marketing Emerson Welch, as well as what teams should consider when evaluating and testing new capabilities. Join us to learn what you can start doing today to educate your people and organize your content infrastructure to create a path to revolutionizing your content strategies with AI.

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Our speakers

Lisa Gately

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Lisa has more than 20 years of experience in B2B technology content, communications, events, and services marketing. She helps Forrester clients build and optimize their B2B content engines and transform them into competitive differentiators. Lisa is an evangelist for audience-centric content strategy, content marketing, and content operations.

Martin Owen

CEO, Quark

A seasoned business executive with more than three decades of experience in the technology sector, Martin is an expert in product management and architecting unified technology stacks, customer relations and executing successful product and marketing strategies to propel business growth. As Quark CEO, Martin is guiding the company in revitalizing its brands, boosting investments in R&D and technical support, and growing the enterprise business with a focus on content automation and intelligence.

Emerson Welch

VP Global Marketing, Quark

Emerson leads Quark’s marketing strategies to strengthen the company’s market position to support business growth. With over 25 years of B2B software product marketing experience, Emerson has successfully led marketing teams for small startups, channel partners and large enterprises