Leader in Sports Intelligence & Measurement Revolutionized Global Sales Content Management

Leader in Sports Intelligence & Measurement Revolutionized Global Sales Content Management


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More productive employees and 90% user adoption across the organization – the highest adoption rate the customer has ever seen.

Docurated freed up five hours per user, per week, to spend on revenue generating activities.

Docurated provides visibility into the projects global teams are working on – boosting collaboration and sharing of insights, methodologies, and solutions


This company is a world leader in sports sponsorship consultancy, research and evaluation. Their connected solutions allow businesses around the world to better understand and connect with their audiences and customers through media, sponsorship, communication and experiential platforms. The company has established itself as the provider of choice for over 1,700 of the top rights holders, brands, agencies and broadcasters worldwide.

The business has 1,500 employees located in 15 different countries around the world. Effective global communication and collaboration were two of the most pressing challenges. Sharing knowledge, insights, and past work with global teams was very difficult. It was not uncommon for teams in different countries to work on similar projects, or even do work for the same client, without being aware of the overlap with other teams.

The Sales Content Challenge

They did not have a place to save documents that could be viewed and used by global employees, which led people to share knowledge via emails. An overwhelming number of emails were being sent around to a large group of people for specific requests, and when someone would respond, they would send attachments for review. There was no way to collect and retain the content being shared across markets, which meant people had to dig through emails when searching for specific information. The entire process was highly inefficient.

The global consulting team suffered the most from this process because they work on very specific projects where leveraging existing work is extremely helpful. The company executive team made finding a better way to manage marketing and sales content one of their top strategic priorities. To get started, the team launched an RFI process to find the most suitable solution for their challenge.

Docurated enabled us to ensure all market facing presentations, proposals and reports are of the highest quality, whilst shortening the engagement cycle which ultimately positively impacted our revenues.

– Global chief revenue office

Why Docurated?

The business evaluated eight companies, looking in detail at their offering and pricing. The content management team, which included several executives, chose Quark Docurated for the following reasons:

Complete Coverage

Docurated was the only solution that could provide them with complete content activity and user coverage across all time. Docurated indexes all enterprise content and activity, even content not uploaded to the system. All content activity, including historical data logs and action by users not provisioned on Docurated is indexed to provide 100% content coverage and visibility.

Highly Visual

The Docurated platform is well laid out and very visual. Previously, the business used a platform for content management that was text only. Docurated’s highly visual interface enables users to browse through documents and quickly identify the most relevant materials.

Content Recommendations and Precision Search

They needed to provide users with a way to pinpoint the most relevant content within a large library of documents. Docurated’s relevancy calculation sifts and ranks content and presents precise information to users. All activity, even activity by users not provisioned on Docurated impacts how the recommendations and ranking system works.


Docurated allows for specific privacy settings where admins can create teams and control access to content based on roles. Because the teams work on confidential client work, it’s imperative to ensure content is protected.

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