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by Emerson Welch  |  May 14, 2024

Use AI Recognition in Local Image Libraries to Easily Search for Images

 AI Recognition in Local Image Libraries

Our latest QuarkXPress v20.1 Spring Update is here! In case you missed the news you can now use AI image recognition technology without leaving the QuarkXPress workspace for the first time.

Search and find content with simple AI prompts, to boost your productivity when working on large and complex projects with a large volume of images across folders and network locations.

In our latest blog, discover more about our newest AI recognition feature in local Image libraries with QuarkXPress 20.1.

Semantic search powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been introduced in our new spring update to assist users to ‘search by content’ as well as ‘search by name’.

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In our previous version QuarkXPress v20.0 support for local image libraries had been introduced for designers who collect images and store them on local or network folders, which was a huge boost for productivity.

Most designers tend to store a lot of images in the hard disk or in local network locations which they would like to use from time to time in their projects. It can be hard to search for those images and to exactly locate the image that they’d like to use in a particular project.

In our providers Pexels and UnSplash, you could easily search by a word or a phrase. Therefore, for local image libraries, we decided to introduce the same kind of AI functionality. As a designer you can now enter the name of the file and easily get to that file and the folder.

How to use the new AI Recognition feature

Using the AI feature is easy, go to the search panel and select ‘search by content’ – this appears when a local image library is selected.

Type in what image you want in the search bar e.g. fashion. Then you will see images provided immediately with something from your local library which matches it.

Also, there is a new a filter, which can be switched on and off, to increase the search accuracy level which brings in more or less images.

The purpose of the new AI feature helps to simplify image search on local image libraries by ‘searching by content’ enhancing productivity.


3 Powerful capabilities of AI Image search

1. Enhanced Search
Use AI to search for photographs based on content rather than keywords or captions. Imagine searching for “pink shoes” or “neon lights”; AI recognition makes this possible.

2. Improved Organization
AI helps to organize image libraries more efficiently. This saves time and work over manual tagging and guarantees consistency throughout the image collection. By automatically identifying photos with relevant information.

3. Content Discovery
AI recognition can help you find new pictures within image libraries. By analyzing image content, it recommends related photos that match a user’s interests or preferences.

See what’s new in QuarkXPress 2024 here.

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Use AI Recognition in Local Image Libraries to Easily Search for Images

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