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by Alan Burnett  |  May 31, 2023

Unlocking Success with the Quark Partner Program: Amplify Your Reach and Achieve More

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In today’s competitive business landscape, strong partnerships have become essential for organizations seeking to gain a competitive advantage and expand their knowledge, expertise and resources. At Quark, we understand the importance of strategic collaborations, which is why we are proud to present the Quark Partner Program – a gateway to unlocking success with endless possibilities for business growth.

The Quark Partner Program offers various incentives, benefits and enablement tools designed to support partners on their journey to success. By joining forces with Quark, partners gain access to competitive margins, referrals, rebates and promotions. As partners progress through the program’s tier structure, they unlock progressively more valuable rewards, enabling them to expand in the market, access new customers and target segments, scale their business and build their brand efficiently.

Introducing the Partner Portal: Your Gateway to Success

At the heart of the Quark Partner Program lies the Partner Portal – a centralized access and management platform designed to provide a seamless partnership experience. The Partner Portal consists of three core components, each aimed at elevating partners’ branding and growth opportunities.

Partner portal

1. Sales Resources: Access to Specialized Expertise

Within the Partner Portal, partners gain early visibility of renewals and can register new deals. Quark allocates the right resources to assist partners in optimizing their sales efforts, nurturing and closing deals effectively. By collaborating with Quark, partners gain specialized knowledge and expertise. This results in mutual business growth, enhanced credibility, cost savings, economies of scale and improved efficiency.

Furthermore, active participation in the program and high engagement within the portal grant partners exposure in the Partner Locator, which is designed to simplify the process of connecting partners with potential business opportunities. As a result, partners can extend their market reach geographically, expanding their products or services to local markets, and navigate cultural, regulatory and logistical challenges more effectively.

Partner portal

2. Cost-Effective Marketing: Prospecting at Scale

The Partner Portal equips partners with dedicated Quark content which can be utilized for marketing purposes, such as email templates and social media campaigns. With access to a continually updated content library, partners benefit from ease of access, ease of use and saving costs as they leverage all resources on the portal. Templated marketing campaigns empower partners to execute targeted initiatives that accurately meet their customers’ needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The Partner Portal hosts an extensive content library that contains a variety of assets, some of which are available for co-branding for partners to customize and repurpose according to their own needs.

Partner portal

3. Content Library: Easy Knowledge Retrieval and Education

Access to exclusive content empowers partners to deliver a superior customer experience, driving sales and fostering customer loyalty. Assets are meticulously tagged for easy retrieval, allowing partners to quickly access the most relevant content. It’s a low-code / no-code process, as it eliminates any effort from partners to find valuable, relevant content. The content library encourages innovation, deepens knowledge and creates new opportunities, stimulating different perspectives and ideas to respond effectively to dynamic market demands.

The Partner Portal also offers comprehensive training and enablement opportunities that enhance partners’ knowledge and expertise. Completion of product certifications positions partners as credible market players, instilling confidence and trust in prospective customers – ultimately driving partner revenue.

Partner portal

The Quark Partner Program provides a pathway to endless possibilities – amplifying reach, achieving more and driving success through strategic partnerships. If you believe that we can form a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership, we invite you to apply now.

Together, we can embark on a journey exploring numerous opportunities and drive a long-term strategic relationship through the Quark Partner Program.

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