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by Emerson Welch  |  March 7, 2024

The Desire for Automation – The Holy Grail of a Successful Enterprise Content Management Strategy

The Desire for Automation

It’s undisputed that enterprise organizations, regardless of the industry they operate in, use content to deliver an excellent customer experience, establish market dominance and fuel business growth. However, many are on different content maturity levels and lack the right infrastructure and processes to support their ability to execute a successful content strategy and deliver a personalized user experience. One of the most crucial elements to success is your organizations’ ability to automate content workflows.

This is the second of a series of blogs that addresses the “4 Highlies” – the core factors organizations must address to execute a successful content strategy. This consists of the desire that enterprise content is, or must be, highly regulated, highly automated, highly complex or highly compliant.

Let’s explore why organizations have an increased desire to automate content processes and workflows – particularly with the onset of AI – and the benefits it offers across the entire enterprise content lifecycle.

For decades, enterprises have adopted automation technologies to optimize operations, fuel productivity and reduce costs – supporting their ability to stand out among the increasingly competitive business market they serve. And as organizations continue to create and publish an enormous amount of content to support business objectives, relying on outdated, inefficient and error-prone manual content operations processes will not support your ability to deliver compliance-controlled content at scale and sustain market leadership.

Smart Content

Automation technologies have become the holy grail to modernizing workflow efficiencies, supporting your ability to meet audience content expectations, and differentiating the value of your brand in today’s digital era.

Here are four key areas where enterprises can benefit from content automation:

  1. Empower subject matter experts to take a Structured, XML-based authoring approach with low-code / no-code tools that allow you to better control and increase content workflow efficiencies to support faster time to value.

  2. Streamline content creation workflows to foster a seamless, error-free team collaboration process. It also helps to ensure content adheres to regulatory, compliance and corporate legal requirements, and document/content types can be tagged and easily searchable, reusable and accessible via a centralized CCMS repository.

  3. Replace a one-to-one approach with a ‘one-to-many’ omnichannel production process that allows your team to create content once and it can be adapted and published to any output channel simultaneously.

  4. Support your ability to add intelligence into your content to meet content strategy expectations and eliminate content waste. Content infused with baked-in intelligence and analytics will give your business insight into the analytics to understand how content is performing and importantly, make smarter content strategy decisions to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Adding automation across your content lifecycle operations infrastructure will drive a successful enterprise content strategy as it improves content efficiencies, ensures content compliance, and supports your ability to deliver a personalized content delivery model to fuel audience engagement.

Quark has a long history in delivering tools that help enterprises modernize their content operations to support an omnichannel content strategy. Quark Publishing Platform NextGen automates all of the complex content management, regulatory and compliance processes so organizations can achieve their most important objectives – from digital transformation and customer satisfaction to regulatory compliance and revenue growth. Deep investments in AI enable enterprises to automate key areas of the content lifecycle journey: from accurate creation, collaboration, and assembly to the power of delivering personalized, compliance-controlled content and knowing how that content is consumed.

Read the white paper, Content Automation: The Essential Ingredient for a Successful, Agile Content Lifecycle Management Ecosystem.

To learn more about Quark Publishing Platform NextGen, you can request a demo.

Smart Content
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