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by Emerson Welch  |  February 1, 2024

Stop Scrambling, Start Selling: Sales Enablement Content Embedded in Salesforce

 It’s an Omnichannel Publishing World

Imagine a world where finding and sharing sales enablement content, managing assets, and tracking engagement and performance with prospects is effortless. A world where you can ditch the frantic scrambling and outdated materials, and focus on what truly matters: closing deals.

Sales enablement content platforms today can be your one-stop hub for streamlined sales enablement. Picture organized and accessible content at your fingertips, seamlessly accessed inside your existing Salesforce CRM. No more wasted time searching in SharePoint, no more guesswork – just pure sales power.

In this blog, we’ll paint a picture of how this powerful integration works and how embracing it can lead to a winning sales strategy for your business.

Boosting Sales Team Productivity within Salesforce

Increasing sales productivity goes hand in hand with having sales enablement content available in Salesforce. How? All “in-the-moment” content is available to you in Salesforce through leads, accounts, and opportunities that suit the requirements and preferences of your clients. Relevant, personalized, and valuable content is flagged by AI-powered recommendations for the user based on the opportunity status, the prospect and the account. This lets you hand off some of the laborious tasks to the system and save you time while increasing engagement and conversion rates.

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Giving customer-facing reps the ability to search for content and also receive AI-driven content recommendations inside Salesforce results in a 40% increase in seller productivity, higher win rates and shorter sales cycles. AI-driven content suggestions based on analytics and consumption rates ensure you’re selling content that works.

What’s more, internal stakeholders using Salesforce don’t have the hassle of switching between different applications. You can be assured that the full process for searching and delivering content can be done within just one CRM, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for streamlined content creation.

How Quark Docurated Unlocks Content Insights within Salesforce

Quark Docurated goes beyond just finding content; it unlocks valuable content analytics to help improve your sales enablement strategy. Gauge the direct impact of each content piece on sales revenue to evaluate its return on investment (ROI) – a pivotal factor in determining the success or failure of your sales approach.

Within Salesforce, Quark Docurated delivers comprehensive visibility into content performance, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of each content asset throughout the entire sales cycle. This includes tracking metrics such as views, downloads, ratings and shares. The ability to swiftly evaluate all content activities empowers you to respond promptly, providing a quantitative assessment of both internal and external engagement at both the document and page levels.

This feature allows you to discern whether your content is effectively reaching and resonating with customers, and whether it is being utilized by your team. What’s more, users can receive immediate email notifications that show how well their content is being engaged with across the whole customer journey. To summarize, the integrated system allows for enriching real-time communication and engagement tracking.

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Quark Docurated serves as the catalyst for executing successful content strategies, letting you identify high-performing content and optimize your library for optimal results. No more scrambling for content and relying on guesswork for its value; leverage the sales enablement content intelligence hub within Salesforce to allocate the most up-to-date resources for your sales teams, creating and delivering content that drives sales, engagement, and consistently reflects your brand message.

Beyond Efficiency: A Collaborative Advantage

The Salesforce integration from Quark Docurated is about teamwork as much as efficiency. Salesforce is widely perceived as an intuitive and user-friendly interface. By adopting Quark Docurated, existing users can skip the required training, viewing it as a plug-in for Salesforce. Everyone operates from a centralized content hub, facilitating quick adoption and smooth integration into existing workflows.

Centralized content management fosters seamless collaboration between sales, marketing, and knowledge teams, dismantling organizational silos and guaranteeing mutual understanding. Team members can view content interaction analysis alongside other CRM logs, such as calls, meetings, and email clicks. Rest assured that, due to the use of a secure platform, it will scale to meet your business needs, adhering to industry-standard compliance for data security and privacy.

Enhancing Customer Experience with the Quark Docurated App for Salesforce

In pursuit of excellence, this global technology provider has taken significant strides simplifying the process for teams to easily discover, recommend, and share the right assets through the adoption of the sales enablement Quark Docurated app for Salesforce. By leveraging content intelligence for sales enablement, the company has achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • 1,500+ documents have been centrally stored for easy access and sharing across departments.

  • Seamless operation within existing systems.

  • Valuable insights on content impact and ROI.

With improved control over the content lifecycle and data-driven insights, the company is finally making informed content investments, aligning with their business goals.

Finding the right content for the right person at the right time, all within a familiar CRM – that’s the transformative power of Quark Docurated. But don’t just take our word for it – schedule a demo today and see it firsthand for yourself.

With Quark Docurated app for Salesforce, stop scrambling and start selling!

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