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by Alan Burnett  |  September 8, 2022

Partner Revenue Opportunities in Today’s Big Content Era

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Quark has been in the content business for 40 years. We know content.

We revolutionized graphic design and professional desktop publishing with QuarkXPress and long ago saw the opportunity to help enterprises better manage their content lifecycle and do so with Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen. We now have software that automates all stages of the content lifecycle (creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing and analysis) so enterprises can address their content complexity and compliance challenges.

However, we haven’t achieved this success on our own. Our 500+ partner and channel ecosystem has been instrumental in our growth since we instituted our partner program decades ago. As organizations gain greater awareness of their content challenges – from creation to consumption – it opens up revenue opportunities for our partners that go beyond desktop publishing and into deeper areas of the organization to support full lifecycle content management.

Since I joined Quark just a few months ago, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with many of our partners to get a better understanding of their customer’s content challenges so we can work together and address them. Our partner ecosystem spans systems integrators, alliance partners, distributors, resellers, developer partners and more.

We’ve talked about how content plays a much bigger role than just delivering an excellent customer experience. It’s a valuable business asset that must be managed and optimized for the greatest possible return.

It’s safe to say that every organization is going through some sort of digital transformation to meet internal and external stakeholder demands. To compete and win in markets, organizations are looking at ways to modernize their infrastructures to support the digital journey and phasing out time consuming and error prone manual processes.

Each of our partners fills necessary gaps that play a vital role in giving value to customers and will be instrumental to success in our next phase of growth. We’re committed to collaborating and supporting them. Importantly we strive to help uncover new revenue and profit opportunities – for all.

We’ll do what it takes to make sure our partners are successful. We will invest in our partner team and regularly look at ways to evolve our program based on direct partner feedback. We will also support their success in the enterprise content ecosystem by investing in sales and technical training, incentive and rebate programs, being easy to do business with, and importantly, remain long term partners for success.

Stay tuned for some exciting news about the Quark Partner Program coming in Q4….

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